Another Example of the English Courts Flexing Their Muscles

British muscles

I blogged a while back on the long arm jurisdiction of the English courts. In that case, the English courts exercised jurisdiction over a foreign resident director of a foreign company which had submitted to the jurisdiction of the English … Continue reading →

What Effect are New Regulatory Requirements Having on Risk and Insurance Managers?

overwhelmed risk manager

While I have been a broker for eight years, the 20-plus years I spent as a risk manager at a financial institution still dominate my outlook on issues. I will no longer fight it—resistance is futile! So welcome to my … Continue reading →

Miami Heat: Florida Feeling the Impact of Decision Affecting Future of Workers Comp

florida workers comp

I just returned from the Workers’ Compensation Institute Conference in Florida.  The Conference had over 200 presentations and 8,000 attendees this year, but a single topic dominated the buzz: the impact of a recent Circuit Court decision from Judge Jorge … Continue reading →

The End of Banking: De Novo No More

bank vanishing

In just 11 years, all banks in the U.S. will be gone. At least, that’s what extrapolating the current pace of bank consolidation would suggest. Less than 30 years ago there were over 18,000 banks; the FDIC reports that as … Continue reading →

Sound the Alarm: Legal Profession Vulnerable to Data Breaches

lock confidential

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office recently highlighted the risks that barristers and solicitors face when handling personal information–but they apply equally to anyone in the legal profession around the world. The ICO sent out the warning after being notified of … Continue reading →

Who Pays When There Are Conflicts of Interest Between a Company and its Directors?

divergent paths

Reading between the lines it is not hard to see how a company's “extraordinary cooperation” might have led directly to the indictment of its directors. Continue reading →

Gap Covers – Gone Forever?

the gap

Ideas and concepts rarely ever die, but get reinvented and reused from time to time. But I think I may have found a candidate for the graveyard. Surely gap covers could never return, could they? I doubt that anybody has … Continue reading →

Shake-up of UK Healthcare Charges Could Catch Expats and Their Employers Unawares

medical tourism

Medical tourism to the United Kingdom has been a controversial topic for many years, and according to an official report from the National Institute for Health Research, visitors and short-term migrants cost the National Health Service (NHS) £2billion a year. … Continue reading →

Banking Brain Drain: Four Unintended Consequences of Post-Crisis Regulation

brain drain

Since the financial crisis, governments have made wide-ranging changes to the way financial institutions are regulated. In particular, regulators have focused on the amount and type of capital that banks and other financial institutions must hold, and set new standards … Continue reading →

Identity Theft is on the Rise. Are You Protected?

Digital Identity (identity theft, digital security)

Last week’s staggering headline that, Russian hackers stole over 1 billion internet passwords, is yet another example of how global the business of identity theft has become. A breach of this size should be enough to convince anyone about the … Continue reading →