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Creating Value in an Economic Downturn – A Risk Management Opportunity?


Everyone knows that the energy industry remains firmly locked in a major downturn – regardless of the recent slight rally in oil prices. But in these gloomy trading conditions, are there opportunities for energy industry risk managers to add real … Continue reading →

The Future of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector


The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (TMT) is one where change is a constant, risk is embraced on a daily basis, and innovation is relentless. Endless improvement means taking on – and taking advantage – of risk. Firms in this … Continue reading →

Survey: New Liabilities, Fresh Scrutiny by Regulators, and Cyber Threats Keep Directors Awake at Night

Have you had experience of a claim or investigation involving a director of your company?

We publish today the results of our fourth annual survey of directors’ liabilities which we run together with international law firm Allen & Overy. Since we began publishing this series in 2011, directors in the U.K. have become personally liable … Continue reading →

New U.S. Overtime Regulations – The Wait is Over!


The DOL's final regulations updating the overtime pay rules, released May 18, primarily focus on updating the salary thresholds needed to qualify as exempt employees, although certain other important changes were also included. Continue reading →

How are companies using captives today?


The number of insurance captives in the world today exceeds 7,000, and many of us in captive industry, including me, think that number is set to shoot up. Continue reading →

Modern Methods of Construction Back in the Spotlight


Rising costs and a shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry have thrown modern methods of construction (MMC) into the spotlight over recent months. Developers need a cheaper method of construction while politicians are looking for a quick fix … Continue reading →

Should Our Workers Compensation System Join a Wellness Program?


Can the strength of the 20th century workers compensation framework support the weight of 21st century demands? Wellness programs and the aging workforce are agenda items at most workers compensation conferences, but what about our aging worker compensation system itself … Continue reading →

Reinsurance Evolves to Protect Earnings

protecting earnings

In today’s environment, managing an insurance company’s risk is increasingly challenging; scrutiny of insurers’ financial health and the inevitable associated market and peer comparisons are greater than ever before. Continue reading →

CFPB Attempts to Kill Mandatory Arbitration


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a new rule that could dramatically increase the frequency of class action litigation in the area of consumer finance and have a profound impact on the E&O market for financial institutions.    Continue reading →

The U.K. Private Rented Sector – A Post Budget Reflection for Institutional Investors


The private rented sector (PRS) is the term for private individuals renting residential property. Akin to the U.S. ‘multi-family apartment’ model, which has been very popular and reflects around 25% of the U.S. core real estate index, it is a … Continue reading →