Extremism on the Coat Tails of I.S.

Extremism on the Coat Tails of I.S.

Since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s declaration of a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq on 29 June 2014, numerous jihadist organisations around the world have declared fealty, invigorated by a combination of: The oxygen of publicity (amplified by social media) Association with … Continue reading →

Financial Fraud: Learning from Each Other


On Wednesday September 17, Eric Holder, the US Attorney General gave a speech about prosecuting corporates and senior individuals within the banking industry for financial fraud. Continue reading →

Stress Within the Financial Industry: Building Business Athletes


The financial services sector has always had a reputation for being a highly pressurised and stressful working environment. Continue reading →

Ebola Virus Now a Threat to Global Peace and Security


On Thursday 18th September, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa officially mutated, in the eyes of the United Nations and the President of the United States, from being a medical emergency to a threat to global security. In the words … Continue reading →

Future of North American Rail: Conflict and Harmony

train tracks

For external observers, the future of high-speed rail (HSR) in the United States may seem an issue of paramount importance. Circumstances have changed, however, and the major challenge in the US, and across many different territories, is how to manage … Continue reading →

The Changing Risks for Technology, Media and Telecommunications Companies


The world is an increasingly unstable and uncertain environment within which to work. Today’s technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies are increasingly global and digital in nature with operations in or dependencies on fast-changing or challenging parts of the world. Continue reading →

The Younger Workforce – Their “Vital Sign” and Its Impact on Future Workers Compensation Cost


Because of today's overall sedentary lifestyle, workers compensation losses will increase as our young workforce ages faster than the generations before them. Continue reading →

1 in 5 companies “Experienced an Investigation Involving Company Director”

Top-Risks-to-Businesses-&-Directors, Year Over Year

The annual Willis/Allen&Overy D&O Survey,“Blurring the Lines,”  is out today. This is our third annual survey and, with over 180 responses, our largest and most authoritative to date. We surveyed executive and non-executive directors, in-house lawyers, risk officers and compliance … Continue reading →

How Architects Can Manage Condo Risk

condo architect

In my last blog I presented an overview on why condo projects are one of the—if not the —riskiest of all project types when it comes to claims against design professionals. This follow up blog post provides some practical risk … Continue reading →

What Happens When Pre-Action Protocol is Not Followed


This High Court decision from the case of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited v Condek Holdings & Others by The Honourable Mr Justice Stuart-Smith provides a useful insight and a timely reminder into what happens when the pre-action protocol is not followed. Continue reading →