CEO Dominic Casserley Discusses Gras Savoye on Eve of RIMS


On the eve of RIMS, the insurance industry’s leading annual conference, Dominic Casserley discussed the recent announcement that Willis has made a firm offer to exercise its option to buy leading French insurance broker. Continue reading →

Valuing Nature, Building Resilience

pine trees

It seems difficult to imagine a time when a clean environment was an afterthought and the well-being of the planet wasn’t linked to human well-being. The first Earth Day in 1970 was the beginning of raising environmental awareness across society. … Continue reading →

Keeping Top Talent at the Top — and on Your Payroll


Organizations today must navigate numerous challenges with regard to changes in the economy, technology, demographics, compliance, and globalization … all while trying to reduce costs, grow profits, improve operations, and be more innovative. In a marketplace where talent is tight, … Continue reading →

Business Interruption Values – Avoiding Miscommunications and Misunderstandings

business interruption

Accurately measuring and presenting business interruption values is a critical part of an organization’s pre-loss planning process. When faced with a catastrophic event—whether  a natural catastrophe such as a hurricane or earthquake or a human-caused catastrophe such as an act … Continue reading →

Healthcare Fraud and Expatriate Insurance Policies

map stethoscope

The rising costs of healthcare services and insurance premiums continue to be a major source of concern for employers worldwide. The costs can be attributed to a range of factors including technological and pharmaceutical advances, the increased prevalence of chronic … Continue reading →

Marketplace Realities 2015 – Spring Update

commercial rate predictions 2015

The trend remains positive for insurance buyers, as softening conditions accelerate in 2015. Line-by-line details are available in our spring update to Marketplace Realities 2015,the long-running series featuring insights from Willis North America experts. But here’s an overview of where … Continue reading →

Millennials & Insurance – The Final Financial Frontier

millennial guy in car

My colleague and I wondered if Millennials would make Google the next big thing in banking. Considering how they are changing the world of insurance, particularly personal lines, we now ask….Is Google the next big thing in insurance too? As … Continue reading →

How to Introduce Risk Analytics to Your Life Science Company


We are inundated with headlines regarding analytics for business. CFOs and risk managers have been trying to get their bosses to listen for years– Continue reading →

The Perils for Senior Management of Being “Involved” with Bribery and Corruption

see no evil

Bribery and corruption is alive and well. That’s the depressing but perhaps unsurprising finding of a new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) analysing more than 400 cases worldwide involving companies or individuals over a 15 … Continue reading →

Leading Persons in the EU Financial Sector: Beware of New Personal Sanctions

Euro market decline

What changes are moving into national legislations across the EU to come to terms with corporate governance weaknesses? Continue reading →