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Andrew Doherty

Andrew J. Doherty is Executive Vice President of Willis’ FINEX North America, based in New York, with expertise in commercial and financial services, public and private organizations.

Imperfect storm of cyber risk, fraud and lawsuits

Here’s a bad day turned into a bad week, month, year for a CEO of a mid-sized company. Continue reading →

Scarier Than Hackers for Your Business: The Social Engineer

social engineer

What is scarier than a skillful hacker with bad intentions who has accessed personally identifiable information by infiltrating a company’s network of computer systems? How about a smooth-talking con-artist intent on getting your firm’s employees to just hand over a … Continue reading →

Claims – Made and Rejected


Multiple recent state court decisions have favored insurance companies in directors & officers (D&O) liability cases that hinged on the issue of the timely reporting of claims under claims-made-and-reported policies. These rulings have held that matters not reported in a … Continue reading →

Securities Class Actions Focus on Accounting

accounting lawsuits

Per Cornerstone Research, filings of securities class actions with accounting-related allegations increased 47% in 2014, and accounting case filings involving restatements of financial statements reached their highest level in the last seven years. Most people like numbers and statistics like … Continue reading →

Are D&O “Derivatives” also Weapons of Mass Destruction?


Shareholder lawsuits against executives and directors of their companies seem to have taken a turn due north on the risk-o-meter. Continue reading →

Supreme Court: Presume Nothing, Fiduciaries

market down

The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that fiduciary committees of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are not entitled to a “presumption of prudence” in lawsuits challenging their decision to invest plan assets in company stock. This decision appears to eliminate … Continue reading →