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Ann is Executive Vice President of Willis' Executive Risks practice. Based in New York, she has been with the company 20 years, where she specializes in D&O, Fiduciary, and Employment Practices Liability and frequently writes for Willis' Executive Risks Alert. Before Willis she held legal positions in the Department of Labor's ERISA Enforcement Division, the New York Stock Exchange and the Bankruptcy Court in New York's Eastern District.

Adapting to Climate Change: Directors & Officers Liability


When the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission told U.S. public companies in 2010 to disclose climate matters, the Commission made it clear that it was not creating new disclosure obligations, but rather clarifying existing duties as respects potentially material risks—thus … Continue reading →

NRLB Says No to “No Negativity”


Forbid employees from ever bad-mouthing your company? This month’s decision by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) means you’d better think again. Continue reading →

5 Key Themes from the SEC’s Cybersecurity Roundtable

SEC Cyber Security

On March 26th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hosted a day-long roundtable to discuss cybersecurity and the ensuing issues and challenges for the securities markets and public companies. Continue reading →

Cyber Vulnerabilities of Tech and Telecom Companies— as Reported to the SEC

Cyber abstract (blue)

It is virtually impossible to do business today without using technology and telecommunications, both directly and indirectly, in the delivery and payment of goods and services.  “Critical infrastructure” is what the federal government labeled this sector. Continue reading →

A Private Moment – Whistleblower Upset

Whistle on cloth

Back in January of 2013, we included a whistleblower case in our annual list for The Top 10 Executive Risks Court Awards & Settlement for Financial Service Firms from the previous year that we believed would influence liability in the … Continue reading →

FCPA Matters and Attorney-Client Privilege – As If Things Weren’t Bad Enough


A company is the target of a grand jury investigation into alleged violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), which makes it illegal for U.S. companies to pay foreign officials to gain or retain business. A grand jury … Continue reading →

Don’t Confuse Email with Social Media in the Workplace

email boss

There is a quite a bit (rightfully) being written about the challenges of addressing social media related employment actions (hiring / firing); I’ve written some of these myself. But there may be a key distinction between how an employer could … Continue reading →

Directors Sued for Cyber Breach

targeted businessman

After disclosure of a recent cyber breach, the company’s board of directors was sued by shareholders in two separate legal actions–derivative lawsuits to be precise. Continue reading →

The Danger of Disappearing Messages (This Tape Will Now Self-Destruct, Mr. Phelps…)

tape self destruct

What would you say in a business email if you knew that your message would disappear within moments of being read? With “Confide” – a new application for mobile messaging which mimics the here now, gone again nature of Snapchat … Continue reading →

The SEC’s New World of “Vigorous Enforcement”

Tough Cop

It pays to listen when regulators signal their intentions. Back in October we addressed some of the new focus and arsenal that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced, but it’s been a few months, and it’s a new … Continue reading →

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Seu chefe está monitorando seus e-mails de trabalho – e pode ser obrigado a agir

Monitoring Employee

Tribunais geralmente têm tratado empresas de computadores e informação, ou as comunicações armazenadas nelas, como propriedade do empregador. Foi, portanto, um pouco desconcertante ver a surpresa e angústia diante da notícia de que, uma grande universidade americana havia acessado e … Continue reading →