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Kelvyn Sampson

Kelvyn Sampson is Willis' UK Retail Industry Practice Leader, providing thought leadership and develop bespoke solutions designed to assist Willis’ retail clients in managing their risk exposures. He has been with Willis for 21 years and prior to his current role led the Retail Practice in London.

Managing Digital Risks in the Retail World


The retail sector has been revolutionised by developments in the digital world, opening up a whole new way to access consumers through better quality data capture. It has also led to improved technology and efficiency both in-store and operationally. However, … Continue reading →

Preparing for a Terrorist Attack: 6 Simple Steps for Retailers

Shopping Mall

A recent video released by militants has called for strikes on shopping centres — including Oxford Street and the two Westfield malls in London, the Mall of America in Minnesota and Canada’s West Edmonton mall. This threat shows no sign … Continue reading →

Travel and Security: Employers’ Duty of Care


The global and interconnected nature of businesses’ operations and supply-chains mean staff frequently travel internationally on business, often to areas of political, social and economic instability. While such travel is essential for strategic growth, the risks to employees can be … Continue reading →

Fees for Intervention…Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

Health & Safety Protocols

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK are due this week to introduce a fee for the “intervention cost recovery scheme”, known as Fee for Intervention (FFI). Under the auspice of the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012, the … Continue reading →

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Ataques terroristas: veja 6 dicas para o varejista se proteger

Shopping Mall

Recentemente, um vídeo divulgado por militantes incitou ataques terroristas a shopping centers de Londres, Estados Unidos e Canadá. A ameaça, atribuída supostamente ao grupo Al-Shabaab, compõe a onda de riscos relacionados a atentados. Para os varejistas, além das consequências financeiras, … Continuar lendo →