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Kevin is Vice President and Risk Control / Security Practice Leader in Willis' Risk Control & Claim Advocacy practice, based in Pittsburgh, PA. He has more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement and security risk management. Kevin conducts workplace investigative inquires and routinely offers his many years of experience, knowledge, and training in law enforcement and investigations to clients.

Priorities When Preparing for Protests

Wilkes on protests

In a previous post about preparing for protests, I discussed the various ways that protests can cause harm to business and do damage to people and property. In light of the latest protests in Baltimore and other cities, I sat … Continue reading →

Who’s Watching You? Video Surveillance-User Beware!

video surveillance

I routinely find myself being called upon to provide advice regarding the various benefits and risks associated with the applications of video surveillance, particularly the possible exposures to property owners or other key stakeholders regarding its use. As more and … Continue reading →

Guns in the Workplace – US Employers Caught in the Crossfire

gun in workplace

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported for 2012 that 688 workers were killed due to homicides and suicides. Shootings were the leading cause of death for both homicides (81%) and suicides (48%). A 2005 study of North Carolina workplaces … Continue reading →

Preparing for Protests


From the “Arab Spring” that swept across Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya to the “Occupy Movement” that has occurred in many cities across the United States, one common intertwined theme has always been shared across these demonstrations, and that is the … Continue reading →

DANGER AHEAD? Forecasting the Future of Where Crime and Violence May Strike

Parking Garage (dark)

The ability to anticipate risk, recognize early indicators of criminal activity, and alert key decision makers to impending trouble is a priceless gift. Determining if your property is or may soon find itself in harm’s way should be a topic of great importance to any organization. Continue reading →

Emerging Security Risk of 2013: Death by Cyber

Emerging Risks

The legitimate potential for cyber-attack upon the United States’—or upon any country’s—infrastructure, and businesses will continue to be a major risk in 2013 and well beyond. Continue reading →

In the Cross-Hairs of Risk: Preparing for Catastrophic Acts of Violence


UPDATE: During my 17 years of service in the law enforcement profession I have had the unfortunate opportunity to view in close detail and experience some of life’s most tragic and gut-wrenching moments. While  in public service and even now, … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Security Risk – Catastrophic Acts of Violence

Scariest Risks

Acts of senseless, catastrophic violence—shootings causing multiple fatalities and injuries—have occurred in shopping malls, restaurants, fitness centers, movie theaters, places of worship, military bases, grocery stores, summer camps, schools, nursing homes, and places of employment. They are my scariest security … Continue reading →

Protecting the Campus Community: Managing the Risk of Sexual Misconduct

Empty Swing

No matter what the details of the case may be, any act of sexual misconduct can have devastating consequences for both the victims and the organizations. Continue reading →

I of the Storm: How to Prepare for Protesters


Big events and recent successes invite protesters--is your business prepared for the violence or damage that might ensue? Continue reading →

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Como se preparar diante de Protestos e Manifestações


Hoje vivemos um momento histórico no qual o mundo virtual democratiza o aceso à informação de uma forma revolucionária. Protestos em massa são facilmente organizados e disseminados por meio das redes sociais. Atualmente, existem diversos meios de manifestar e é … Continue reading →