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Sambhav Rakyan

Sam Rakyan leads the Willis Towers Watson Data Services business in Asia Pacific. He has over ten years of experience managing projects, people and businesses, with core expertise as a trusted advisor for many organisations across the Asia Pacific region.

Leveraging data analytics to address workforce challenges

Human resources professionals are under intense pressure to use the wealth of employee data they have available to address a variety of workforce issues, from compensation to finding the right people. Yet many struggle with where and how to start … Continue reading →

Five strategic compensation and benefits trends to drive business success

It’s no secret that compensation and benefits professionals need to focus on smart ways to stretch their limited total rewards budgets. The competition for talent won’t go away, so optimising workforce programs that attract, retain and engage talent is also … Continue reading →

High-tech role retention reaches boiling point?

Competition for hot skills is fierce, but many businesses are uncertain about what level of premiums they should pay, and what their policies on hot skills recruitment and retention should be. Continue reading →

Global trends in pay: Does inflation still act as the key driver for salary increase?

There’s a view among many Western economists that inflation is yesterday’s issue; that we’re embedded in a low-inflation environment, and will remain so. Continue reading →