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Aviation CEOs offer their perspectives on their industry

Earlier this year at Willis Towers Watson’s aviation conference in Singapore I took the opportunity to speak to experts about the current state of the aviation industry around the world. We touched on a number of themes including: aircraft safety … Continue reading →

Marketplace Realities Spring 2016: It’s Still a Buyer’s Market, but…

Willis Tower’s Watson’s Marketplace Realities series includes line-by-line predictions for North American insurance buyers in 2016 and beyond. New Pieces in a Changing Puzzle At the macro level, the satellite view, much remains the same for insurance buyers: capacity remains … Continue reading →

Aviation Executives Say Top Risk is Legal Scrutiny of M&A Activity

Aviation C-Suite executives perceive a business landscape in which primary risks are multiplying, increasingly interconnected and unique to each sector of the industry, according to preliminary findings from this year’s Willis Towers Watson Transportation Risk Index. Continue reading →

How Dangerous Is It To Ship Lithium Batteries?

  With new legislation pending, the aviation industry is focusing its attention on the carriage of lithium batteries, judging by discussions at the annual Willis Aviation Conference in Singapore this week. Increasing Regulation Last month, air-safety regulators, accident investigators and … Continue reading →

Martin Stevens, Chief Underwriting Officer, Global Aerospace, AIG, Reflects on the Highs and Lows of the Aviation Insurance Industry

Many have called Martin Stevens the father of the modern aviation insurance market. Martin has certainly been a major architect in that market, having led the AIG’s aviation business since 1987, building it into a major leader of some of … Continue reading →

Drones: Safety Considerations and Potential Liability Concerns


The proliferation of drones and the ever-increasing role they play in commercial endeavors has left governments, commercial aviation, insurance carriers and the general public scrambling for guidance on legal requirements and rights/responsibilities. Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2015

Scariest Risks of 2015

As Halloween approaches and darkness falls earlier every day, we at WillisWire find ourselves reflecting not on make-believe monsters but on the frightening real risks our clients faced during the year. Thirteen of our bloggers submitted what they thought were … Continue reading →

The Dichotomy of Drones

drone sunset

The risks posed by the emergence of drone technology are finding their way onto the reinsurance agenda, particularly for the aviation and casualty markets. However, drone use is also fast emerging as key to driving disaster response and mitigation. Continue reading →

How Big a Problem is Airline Hacking?

airline hacking

Another cyber-attack against a national airline has once again exposed the vulnerability of the aviation sector to criminal hackers and their paymasters. Continue reading →

Aviation Insurance Experts Describe Key Market Forces

IATA insurer collage

Earlier this I year I spoke with leaders of the aviation insurance industry about the implications of recent trends and market forces affecting the sector. They spoke to me of abundant capacity, consolidation, and more. Continue reading →