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The Real Estate Deal – on Risks in 2014

Steve Sachs video

If there’s one risk exposure real estate companies should be thinking about today, it’s cyber risk – because that’s the risk they’re most likely to be ignoring. Four or five years ago, real estate clients didn’t face much cyber exposure. … Continue reading →

Grand Theft Cyber Suit: Car Theft Leads to Data Theft, Leads to Suits…

Laptop in car

A thief smashes a car window, breaks in and steals the car’s GPS system, stereo, and several tapes. Massive litigation results. Why? Continue reading →

Beyond Heartbleed: Lessons in Cyber Risk

Tom Srail heartbleed video

New OpenSSL bugs were discovered this week: One that’s separate from the Heartbleed bug  and can leave Android devices vulnerable. The other, a new way to exploit the Heartbleed bug. Continue reading →

Shareholder Proxy Firm to Unseat Target Directors Following Major Cyber Breach

This Way Out

Target’s shareholder meeting will be on June 11, and in what appears to be a first, a major shareholder proxy firm is recommending that shareholders oust 7 of 10 directors following a significant cyber breach, citing them for, “not doing … Continue reading →

5 Key Themes from the SEC’s Cybersecurity Roundtable

SEC Cyber Security

On March 26th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission hosted a day-long roundtable to discuss cybersecurity and the ensuing issues and challenges for the securities markets and public companies. Continue reading →

Buying Cyber Insurance: A Matter of Perspective

cyber protection

With stories of commercial mass data loss and network downtime grabbing headlines on an almost weekly basis, the commercial world is having to take note of the very real risk presented by our reliance on technology—and the methods available to … Continue reading →

Cyber Vulnerabilities of Tech and Telecom Companies— as Reported to the SEC

Cyber abstract (blue)

It is virtually impossible to do business today without using technology and telecommunications, both directly and indirectly, in the delivery and payment of goods and services.  “Critical infrastructure” is what the federal government labeled this sector. Continue reading →

That’s the Board and They’re Asking About Cyber Risk

cyber trouble

I recently penned (and filmed) a piece for the Willis monthly newsletter, Insights, and thought WillisWire followers might want to see it. Here you go. The call, the email, the IM—it’s coming, if it hasn’t arrived already. It’s from someone … Continue reading →

Cyber Criminals Continue Onslaught on Global Retail

key in motherboard

Through the development of new and more advanced malware, cyber criminals are becoming ever more focused on the volume and nature of data held on retailers’ IT systems. The attack on the U.S. retailer Target in late 2013 has led … Continue reading →

POS Systems and P.O.S. Hackers: How Much Cyber Insurance is Enough for a Retailer?

targeting retailer registers

It’s been about 2 months since the first of the stories broke on the multiple large-scale hacking attacks in the retail sector.  The target in this recent round were the “Point of Sale” systems, the computers and card/pin pads formerly … Continue reading →