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Emerging Reputational Risk of 2013: Insidious New Reputational Risk of Social Media

Emerging Risks

History is littered with examples of businesses that have been struck by reputational risks—the Perrier water example is oft quoted in management training programmes. Continue reading →

Emerging Security Risk of 2013: Death by Cyber

Emerging Risks

The legitimate potential for cyber-attack upon the United States’—or upon any country’s—infrastructure, and businesses will continue to be a major risk in 2013 and well beyond. Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2013?

Emerging Risks

We look ahead for the risks businesses should prepare for in 2013. Read their predictions and vote for the one most likely to affect your business this year. Continue reading →

3 Key Hedge Fund Issues for 2013

Crocodiles three

While not burdened with all the same regulation as other financial institutions, hedge funds face their own special challenges. As 2013 approached, I asked fellow bloggers Chris Keegan and Ann Longmore their take on the most critical issues for hedge … Continue reading →

How to Keep Cyber Incidents From Ruining Your Holiday Season

Cyber Holiday

The loss of even a single day’s business to a cyber-incident can be costly enough, but if it occurs during the holiday season—when you might expect to take in  70% of your annual revenue—it can be ruinous. So as we … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Terrorism Risk – Cyber Terrorism: Potentially Paralyzing

Scariest Risks

The risk of cyber terrorism directed at U.S. targets (either the private sector or the U.S. Government) continues to evolve into a potentially catastrophic and genuine possibility. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Financial Services Risk – Cyber Terrorism: Zuccoti or Iranian

Scariest Risks

Our financial systems come to a halt because no one can trust the numbers in the computer systems that tell us how healthy financial institutions are, or what trades they have done for the last three months—and the Fed pumping … Continue reading →

Video – Mixed Signals: Navigating a Mixed Marketplace

Video: Eric Joost speaks about Marketplace Realities 2013

A year ago we were searching for an inflection point between the end of a soft market, and the start of a hard market. So far, that has not happened. Rather, as we report in the 2013 Marketplace Realities report, … Continue reading →

Experiencing a Crisis

WIllis Crisis U video

You’re meeting with senior management when you receive a call that your financial institution’s networks are down. Hackers are claiming credit and the press is demanding answers. What do you do? This is the dilemma we presented to participants in … Continue reading →

Hiring Criminals II: Hiring Convicts to Process Sensitive Data

Inmates have access to sensitive data

Why worry about hiring ex-cons when it’s the current convicts who have access to your sensitive data? Continue reading →