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Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the UK: Should Directors Worry?

Maginot Line

Should directors worry about deferred prosecution agreements, or are DPAs just another instance of facing the right enemy but in the wrong direction? Continue reading →

Dewey & Le Boeuf: The Kitchen Becomes Decidedly Hot

Hot under collar

Several months ago I blogged on an aspect of the fall-out of the collapse of law firm Dewey & Le Boeuf.  Now it seems the position has become even bleaker for a number of former senior executives within that practice.  Continue reading →

Sex, Greed and Fear on Remuneration Committees

Rolls Royce

I went to an interesting debate on executive pay recently at the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Forum.  One of the speakers expressed the view that remuneration committees in public companies are no different from any other group of humans interacting … Continue reading →

Directors of U.S. Financial Institutions Experience Another Chilly Blast

Georgia banking

A recent chilly blast from the State of Georgia serves as a reminder that for directors of banks the forecast remains uncertain. Continue reading →

How Will India’s New Companies Act Affect Directors?

Bangalore skyline

India is one of those countries we as D&O practitioners come across regularly when analysing the need for local policies on behalf of our international and global clients. Received wisdom has it that local policies are generally needed in India … Continue reading →

What Do Commercial Crime Policies Have in Common with the Bible?

store thefts

It is often said if one looks hard enough one can find authority for just about any proposition in the Bible.  This is perhaps another way of saying that there is plenty to argue about and discuss.  I sometimes think … Continue reading →

Insurers’ Consent to Settlement: The Perils of Acting As A “Prudent Uninsured”

British law

It is often said that English law is more favourable to insurers than the laws of many other countries in the developed world.  The context for this tends to be the general duty imposed under the Marine Insurance Act 1906 … Continue reading →

Directors Sued for Cyber Breach

targeted businessman

After disclosure of a recent cyber breach, the company’s board of directors was sued by shareholders in two separate legal actions–derivative lawsuits to be precise. Continue reading →

Is Your Financial Institution’s Insurance Policy Vulnerable to a Cyber Claim?

Open Data Lock

I recently went to a seminar hosted by law firm, Clyde & Co, with this title. Although the question is aimed at insurers it could equally be rephrased as “Will Your Financial Institutions’ Insurance Policy Pay out on a Cyber … Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2014?

Shark Fin Emerging

Each year, we ask our subject matter experts what risks they’re keeping an eye on for the months ahead. Here are the ten emerging risks our bloggers are anticipating for 2014. Which do you think will actually emerge as a … Continue reading →