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Improving Your Employees’ Access to Medical Care Using Data Analytics

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A fast food restaurant chain operating in 24 states in the Southeast and Midwest was struggling with medical cost inflation. Their year-to-year trend had actually outpaced market rates. This caught the CFO’s attention. Continue reading →

Transforming Wellness Behaviors: The Buzz on Employee Engagement


You know that moment when your favorite sports team came alive and, even though they were down in points, you just knew they were going to win? Or when your favorite band started to get popular? Whether we think it … Continue reading →

Focusing Your Wellness Program Using Data Analytics

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A large Midwest county that employed 1,400 full-time workers struggled with an internally managed health and wellness program. The county wanted to lower the health risks of its employee population and, ultimately, curb its growing medical plan costs. Continue reading →

Engaging Employees: Keys to Sustainable Behavior Change

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Fortunately for employers who are actively trying to engage their workforce, there are some fascinating modern theorems and analyses around this concept that might offer the key to sustainable behavior change. These approaches, two of which I will highlight in … Continue reading →

How “Big Data” Can Help Employers Improve Their Health Outcomes Strategies

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As plan sponsors take greater ownership of their medical coverage, the appetite to harness available data has never been greater. Here are just a few reasons why employers need to become even more sophisticated as they use the mountain of … Continue reading →

Navigating the Paid Sick Leave Law Trend: Are You Up to Speed?

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The idea of mandatory paid sick leave has been around for over 10 years. Continue reading →

Employers are Waging a War Against Obesity

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The obesity epidemic is taking its toll on medical costs and workforce productivity. Obesity is linked to heart disease, pulmonary disorders, depression, arthritis, hypertension and other musculoskeletal maladies. Continue reading →

What Will the Overtime Changes Mean for US Employers?


Employers across the US have been anxiously (albeit nervously) awaiting specifics on updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as directed by President Obama in early 2014. The FLSA (also known as the Wage and Hour Law) regulates minimum … Continue reading →

What’s Next for Employers After the Same Sex Marriage Ruling?

Rainbow America

The Supreme Court has held that states have to recognize and sanction marriages between couples of the same sex just like they do for couples of the opposite sex. Employers will ask what that means for them, their employees and their … Continue reading →

Emerging Trends: Private Exchanges Leading to Increased Voluntary Benefit Purchasing


Private exchanges are becoming more prevalent and, as they do, clear trends are emerging. One such trend is the increase in the number and volume of voluntary benefits purchased by employees in a private exchange. Continue reading →