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Set the Right Benefits Expectations for International Assignments


Having worked within the world of international benefits for many years now, it came as no surprise to me, at a recent conference, that international benefits were highlighted as one of the top five reasons for a dispute between an … Continue reading →

The New Key Executive: HR Director

HR director

CEOs and finance executives are challenged with a number of different priorities in 2015. With the fast-paced ever-changing global and technological environment employers are working in today, the C suite is developing a deeper rapport within their organizations’ different department … Continue reading →

Travel and Security: Employers’ Duty of Care


The global and interconnected nature of businesses’ operations and supply-chains mean staff frequently travel internationally on business, often to areas of political, social and economic instability. While such travel is essential for strategic growth, the risks to employees can be … Continue reading →

Does Your Compensation Strategy Make the Grade?


No matter what business you are in, your people are your most important asset. They‘re often your largest operating expense as well. Yet all too often, the compensation programs that affect your workforce have not undergone a thorough review. To … Continue reading →

Supreme Court: Retiree Medical Benefits May be Less “Sticky” for Union Plans

Court decision: benefits

Earlier this week the Supreme Court upset what had been “settled” law in retiree medical benefits with union groups.  While the case applies to retiree medical plans specifically, the rule enunciated could have much broader affect in employee benefits cases … Continue reading →

Health Care Reform: Compliance Challenges for 2015 and Beyond

health insurance marketplace statement

2015 will continue to be a year of catching up on compliance for employers under Health Care Reform. Continue reading →

The Changing Face of Human Capital in 2015

old and young

Baby Boomers are packing up their expertise and retiring in droves. The Millennial generation is at your door with fresh ideas about making work (and life) meaningful. It’s time to stop just strategizing on how to manage Millennials—and time to … Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2015?

storm light house

Our list of emerging risks for 2015 covers the kind of perils that keep risk managers up at night: cyber risk, oil price volatility, the changing demands of today’s workforce, the over-confidence corporations have in the ability of their entity … Continue reading →

HR Metrics That Matter

employee metrics

Using metrics can be a valuable resource in establishing human resources (HR) as a strategic partner, uncovering areas of opportunity and improvement, and building your business case when recommending new courses of action or programs. Continue reading →

Top 10 of 2014 – #6: Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in History – What Businesses Need to Know

Ebola Outbreak Map

The World Health Organisation has called emergency talks to deal with the most deadly Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen. Continue reading →