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Analysis: What Next, After the Conflicting Obamacare Decisions?

split decision

Tuesday, two conflicting circuit court decisions reflected on the ability of the IRS to direct taxpayer financial support to those Americans who enrolled in public exchange coverage. Some employers will be unaffected whichever decision prevails, while other companies—and states—will face … Continue reading →

Contradictory Obamacare Rulings Leave Employers Wondering

split decision

Two circuit courts have come to different conclusions regarding a key component of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”): whether subsidies are available for coverage on the exchanges run by the federal government or only for those exchanges … Continue reading →

Keys to Hiring New Graduates


Summer is here, and the market is full of fresh graduates with skills and new ideas to offer your organization. I know many mid-sized organizations don’t have a formal college recruitment program, but it’s still important to attract this top … Continue reading →

Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in History – What Businesses Need to Know

Ebola Outbreak Map

The World Health Organisation has called emergency talks to deal with the most deadly Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen. Continue reading →

Employee Benefits Insurance for Start-Up Hedge Funds

Employee benefits insurance for hedge funds

This article details the importance of employee benefits, a category of insurance focused on the omission in the administration of an employee benefit program. Continue reading →

Hobby Lobby Decision Limits PPACA’s Contraceptive Mandate

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

Employers who have religious convictions that would prohibit them from paying for contraceptive services have gotten some help from the Supreme Court today in the long-awaited Hobby Lobby case. Continue reading →

How to Tell if Your Total Rewards Strategy is Retaining Key Talent

team meeting

It seems like every business publication I read lately focuses on leadership skills, gaps in skills and talent, and the growing needs of organizations. And I know that recruiting, retaining and motivating talent is crucial to your organization’s success. What … Continue reading →

Survey: Employers Appear Committed to Providing Medical Benefits, Despite Health Care Reform Concerns


Our 2014 Health Care Reform Survey suggest that, despite concerns over health care reform, organizations plan to continue employer-sponsored health plans. Continue reading →

New Rules Affect Race, Age and Sex Discrimination Claims Against Directors


Some important reforms to the employment tribunal system in the UK were introduced on 6th April 2014. These include a new discretionary power for employment tribunals to impose a financial penalty on an employer if they find that it has … Continue reading →

Business Risk #1?


Companies often say that their number one asset, their key differentiator, their most valuable resource is their people. It’s not just marketing talk. Companies spend anywhere from 40% to 75% of their operating budget on employees. If human capital is … Continue reading →