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The Health Care Macro-trends Employers Need to Understand


Employer-provided health care is in the midst of the most dynamic change in over two decades, fueled by a convergence of trends that have created new opportunities and also new challenges as organizations craft their health benefit and workforce health … Continue reading →

The Sharing Economy and The Forgotten Man


The golden pin that holds together and supercharges the shared economy is the classification of workers as independent contractors. Continue reading →

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The “Uberization” of the Workforce

John Bremen-intrvw

In a session called Talent, Culture and Risk: the Next Frontier, John Bremen, Human Capital & Benefits Leader for North America, talked about the fourth industrial revolution: the change to workforce dynamics that he described as the “uberization of the … Continue reading →

Banks of the Future: Millennials and Risk Culture


From employees, to consumers, banks need to affect true cultural and behavioural change, restore trust and ethics and ensure consumers are placed at the heart of business. Continue reading →

Increase Employee Engagement by Communicating Beyond Open Enrollment


Those “quiet” months between enrollment periods present a tremendous opportunity to deepen your employees’ knowledge of and appreciation for their benefits. Continue reading →

Improving Productivity… Beyond March Madness


Every March finds many U.S. employers wringing their hands over the amount of time employees are distracted by the national college basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness. This year the tournament is estimated to cost employers $4 billion – … Continue reading →

The Drones in Your Human Capital Strategy


Dire predictions that humans will be replaced by machines in the workplace continue to make headlines. Drones are delivering packages to your doorstep. The manufacturing, automotive and healthcare industries are already highly automated in many countries, and technology companies are … Continue reading →

Fine, Fearful or Flummoxed? Employees Tell Us How They Really Feel About Their Financial Well-Being


Much has been written about how the global economy has drifted into one of the longest productivity slowdowns on record. Wage growth has stagnated in most developed economies, and while most firms offer benefit packages, many are failing to keep … Continue reading →

U.K. Pay Equity Passes Another Milestone–With Implications This Year


The countdown to the proposed introduction of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 (the ‘Regulations’) in October has passed another milestone. On 12 February, the government published its response to the feedback from last year’s consultation … Continue reading →

Pay Transparency and Gender Equality

pay transparency

Actress Jennifer Lawrence reignited a national debate on equal pay last year when she criticized Hollywood’s gender wage gap after learning she was paid millions less than her male co-stars in the 2013 film “American Hustle”—a truth revealed in a 2015 … Continue reading →