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Keeping Top Talent at the Top — and on Your Payroll


Organizations today must navigate numerous challenges with regard to changes in the economy, technology, demographics, compliance, and globalization … all while trying to reduce costs, grow profits, improve operations, and be more innovative. In a marketplace where talent is tight, … Continue reading →

Healthcare Fraud and Expatriate Insurance Policies

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The rising costs of healthcare services and insurance premiums continue to be a major source of concern for employers worldwide. The costs can be attributed to a range of factors including technological and pharmaceutical advances, the increased prevalence of chronic … Continue reading →

Happy National Employee Benefits Day!

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Today, April 2, we take a moment to recognize employee benefits and the human resources professionals who are dedicated to providing them to their colleagues. Except for Social Security, workers’ compensation and a few benefits required by states, US employers … Continue reading →

DOL’s New Definition of “Spouse” Takes Effect March 27

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On February 25, 2015, The Department of Labor revised the regulatory definition of “spouse” under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to include same-sex marriages regardless of the state in which the employee lives. Therefore, eligible employees in a … Continue reading →

The Implications of ‘ObamaCare’ for Your Expatriate Workforce

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We’ve all heard a lot about the United States healthcare reforms under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as ‘ObamaCare’, and its effect on the US domestic health insurance market. However are you aware of the … Continue reading →

EEOC 2014 Charge Statistics: Fewer Discrimination Charges, but Risks Remain High

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The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its Fiscal Year 2014 Charge Statistics earlier this month. Not surprisingly, the total number of charges filed were down nearly 5,000 from fiscal year 2013. However, retaliation charges hit an all-time high … Continue reading →

ROI vs. VOI and the Business Value of a Healthier Working Population

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Employers today have three key business concerns: health risks across their workforce, medical costs and lost productivity. So the debate on employer return on investment (ROI) for wellness programs is louder than ever. Continue reading →

Set the Right Benefits Expectations for International Assignments


Having worked within the world of international benefits for many years now, it came as no surprise to me, at a recent conference, that international benefits were highlighted as one of the top five reasons for a dispute between an … Continue reading →

The New Key Executive: HR Director

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CEOs and finance executives are challenged with a number of different priorities in 2015. With the fast-paced ever-changing global and technological environment employers are working in today, the C suite is developing a deeper rapport within their organizations’ different department … Continue reading →

Travel and Security: Employers’ Duty of Care


The global and interconnected nature of businesses’ operations and supply-chains mean staff frequently travel internationally on business, often to areas of political, social and economic instability. While such travel is essential for strategic growth, the risks to employees can be … Continue reading →