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What’s Next for Employers After the Same Sex Marriage Ruling?

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The Supreme Court has held that states have to recognize and sanction marriages between couples of the same sex just like they do for couples of the opposite sex. Employers will ask what that means for them, their employees and their … Continue reading →

Emerging Trends: Private Exchanges Leading to Increased Voluntary Benefit Purchasing


Private exchanges are becoming more prevalent and, as they do, clear trends are emerging. One such trend is the increase in the number and volume of voluntary benefits purchased by employees in a private exchange. Continue reading →

Wellness and Injury Prevention: It Ain’t Oil and Vinegar!


Add 15 years and 35 pounds (13.6 kgs) to a worker whose job duties require lifting, agility, balance or physical exertion and you vastly increase their risk of work-related injury. This is happening a lot. The obesity epidemic in the … Continue reading →

Five Good Reasons to “Up” Your Workplace Wellness Game

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…And None of Them Are “To Decrease Medical Costs” The recent assumption that a dollar invested in wellness pays off three- to five-fold is giving way to a more enlightened (and credible) viewpoint that workplace wellness programs offer tremendous value … Continue reading →

How to Use a Private Exchange to Support Your Human Capital Goals

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Companies cannot sustain the increasing cost of health care in the long term, much less the administrative burden of health care reform legislation. Continue reading →

Workplace Flexibility Works–For Workers and Employers

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Most of us, at some point in our lives, have worked in organizations that are rigid and unyielding. You know the type: You enter by a specific time each and every day to buildings filled with acres of gray carpeting … Continue reading →

10 Things About Health and Productivity I Learned in New Orleans

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I recently participated in the Willis Health and Productivity Summit in New Orleans, along with nearly 100 physicians, clinicians, clients and stakeholders — all focused on the business imperative around health risks, medical costs and workforce productivity. Continue reading →

5 Tips for Engaging Employees on a Budget

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Benefit communicators agree that even the best benefits program, when poorly communicated (or not communicated at all!) has little value. Unfortunately, many employers spend millions on their benefit programs but fall short when it comes to educating their employees. Continue reading →

Federal Agencies and Compliance Issues are Confusing for Many Employers. (Luckily, It Does Not Apply to Them)


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently caused mass confusion for employers when it sent out reams of emails regarding “Rate Filing Training for Issuers for the 2016 Plan Year.” Continue reading →

Millennials are Changing Your Workforce. Are you Adapting?

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No doubt about it — Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Even if your current workforce includes a mix of Traditionals, Boomers and Gen X’ers, it’s the Millennials who will drive how you do business for years to … Continue reading →