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Tackling Economic Crime

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The UK Government has placed the fight against economic crime firmly on its agenda in 2015. Financial institutions and senior management should ensure it is also high up on their agenda. Continue reading →

Convenience is Banks’ Secret Weapon in War with Silicon Valley

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Regional and community banks haven’t lost to Silicon Valley – yet. But they face some serious challenges. Unexpectedly, the desire for convenience may be today’s banks’ biggest advantage in the coming battle with Internet start-ups. Continue reading →

How Global Conflicts Impact Financial Institutions, Investments and Assets

INFOGRAPHIC: NonConflict Countries

What does it mean for financial institutions, investments and assets when virtually the entire world is involved in armed conflict or financial sanctions? Continue reading →

Securities Class Actions Focus on Accounting

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Per Cornerstone Research, filings of securities class actions with accounting-related allegations increased 47% in 2014, and accounting case filings involving restatements of financial statements reached their highest level in the last seven years. Most people like numbers and statistics like … Continue reading →

Millennials & Insurance – The Final Financial Frontier

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My colleague and I wondered if Millennials would make Google the next big thing in banking. Considering how they are changing the world of insurance, particularly personal lines, we now ask….Is Google the next big thing in insurance too? As … Continue reading →

Leading Persons in the EU Financial Sector: Beware of New Personal Sanctions

Euro market decline

What changes are moving into national legislations across the EU to come to terms with corporate governance weaknesses? Continue reading →

Chief Data Officers – The Case for the Defence

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A large number of financial institutions (FIs) have appointed chief data officers (CDOs) over the past couple of years. I know a few of them and while they come from a wide variety of backgrounds—some technical, some business, some ‘data … Continue reading →

TRIA, Panic and the Illusion of Business as Usual – Reflections for the Insurance Industry


Looking back on the surprise of TRIA’s temporary non-renewal offers lessons for an industry that may not fully acknowledge the complexity of its relationship with government and regulators and may not be ready for fundamental challenges that lie ahead. Continue reading →

Negative Interest Rates: Turning the Banking System Upside Down?

banking upside down

Did you ever imagine having to pay money to keep your savings in a bank account? No? Well, in these times of extremely low interest rates, a new reality is rapidly approaching. As some of the European central banks have … Continue reading →

Cap on Card Payment Fees: Just the Tip of the Iceberg for EU Banks


On January 27th, the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee voted to support the draft rules prepared by the Council of Ministers during 2014 on the capping of the fees charged by banks in the EU to retailers for … Continue reading →