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Dominic Casserley on The Changing Risk Landscape

McKinsey interviews Dominic Casserley

In this interview, Willis CEO Dominic Casserley discusses opportunities to mitigate emerging risks, build more resilient companies, and digitize the insurance process. Continue reading →

Guide to Financial Institution Bonds

Financial Institution Bonds

There is a lot of confusion about financial institution bonds. The muddle becomes much clearer when you recognize that financial institution bonds come in various guises and are called by a dizzying array of names. The names, and the specifics … Continue reading →

Threats and Opportunities of Demographic Change: Brazil

2015 Population of Brazil

The race to recruit the finance world’s best individuals has become a war for talent, according to leading academics. Dramatic shifts in demographics mean countries such as the United States, Japan and much of Europe are keen to attract students … Continue reading →

New Relationships in the Financial Sector – and New Loyalties

paypal arm

Uber seems to have become the poster child for disintermediation and disruption. The app has eliminated the need to stand on a street corner waiting for a cab. No need to hand over any cash. No need for a wallet; … Continue reading →

The Future of Financial Institutions – And Risk

Willis financial institutions risk index

The financial sector has changed hugely since the financial crisis. In order to understand the pressures shaping the financial sector, we interviewed more than 150 C-suite executives of global banks, insurers, reinsurers, asset managers, hedge funds and financial technology firms. … Continue reading →

A Big Opportunity Helping Low-income Households with Microinsurance

Traditional Myanmar girls on mobile phone

Low-income households across the developing world are vulnerable to risks and often can’t afford to be insured or don’t have a good understanding of what insurance is. So they often end up facing risks around their health and property on … Continue reading →

Insuring Bitcoin


The insurance market will not insure the value of bitcoins. But insurance can play a vital role in helping make the virtual currency a safer investment overall. Continue reading →

Navigating China’s Growing Insurance Market

Chinese Insurance Market: One of the Most Dynamic and Changing Markets in the World

China’s insurance market is one of the most dynamic and changing insurance markets in the world. Hand in hand with that new opportunity and flexibility come changing rules and regulations that should be considered when looking to enter the China … Continue reading →

Risk Management in Financial Institutions: Beyond the Three-Lines-of-Defence Paradigm

Holistic risk governance for Financial Institutions

In recent years, headlines about LIBOR rigging, PPI mis-selling, sanctions avoidance and rogue trading have revealed poor risk management and questionable values in the financial institutions (FI) industry around the globe. Continue reading →

Tackling Economic Crime

euros cuffs

The UK Government has placed the fight against economic crime firmly on its agenda in 2015. Financial institutions and senior management should ensure it is also high up on their agenda. Continue reading →