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Video: The Punch Clock Punches Back


Wage and hour law suits brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act are through the roof. One recent study calculates a 518% increase since 1990. A record-setting 7,764 cases for a 12-month period was reported this past spring. People on … Continue reading →

When Don’t You Have to Pay Interns? DOL Clarifies

Small Wages

The U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) requires employees to be paid at least the federal minimum wage for all hours worked, unless they fall under an exception. Unpaid interns do not have their own exception. This led … Continue reading →

Supreme Court Backs Gay Marriage, But Ruling Raises More Questions than Answers

Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision

Yesterday’s DOMA ruling opens the door for married same sex couples to be eligible for federal benefits, including tax favored treatment of group medical benefits. Continue reading →

SPOTLIGHT ON CYBER: Is Any Industry Safe?

World Cyber Risk

It may be time to add a new item to life’s certainties: Death, Taxes and Hackers. Our interconnected, online world continues to push the envelope of productivity and convenience, while at the same time decreasing privacy and security. Our special … Continue reading →

Spotlight on Cyber – Protected Health Info Increases Employer Risk

World Cyber Risk

Employers are responsible for safeguarding protected health information (PHI) associated with their medical plans. And, given the inherently sensitive nature of this information and its natural appeal to cyber criminals, employers need to be aware of HIPAA privacy and data … Continue reading →

Video: The Health Insurance Marketplace is (Ex)Changing… Slowly…

Stethescope on Money

The health care reform train keeps rolling along and as it approaches the Land of Health Insurance Exchanges, a lot of companies are looking out the window and considering their options. Private exchanges are here now, but the era of … Continue reading →

Managing People Risk in Financial Times Special Report

people risk

Companies should look beyond the surface level to accurately quantify the risks associated with people and behaviour. That is according to Steve Saporito, Chief Executive for the Americas at Willis Global Solutions Consulting Group who was recently featured in a … Continue reading →

Meyer v. Health Plan of Nevada: Foreboding for Payers—and for Accountable Care Organizations?

Money vs. Healthcare

A Nevada jury verdict recently found that the Health Plan of Nevada, Sierra Health Plan, and various other plans were liable in an amount over $500 million in a case alleging shoddy office procedures of network provider Dr. Desai. If … Continue reading →

Survey: Employers Are Investing in Health Management Strategies to Control Costs

Workplace Health

Whether you prefer the words, “health management” or “total population health management” to “wellness,” the research is undeniable: the benefits of a well-designed and executed health management program are significant. Continue reading →

Employers Don’t Know What Health Care Reform is Costing Them

Healthcare Reform Cost Impact: 2012-2013 Survey

While many employers believe that health care reform will not increase costs, more than half of them haven’t even started to calculate those costs. So said this year’s survey of U.S. employers about the effects of health care reform on … Continue reading →