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North American Insurance Buyers Facing Improved Market Conditions

Marketplace Realities: 2014

Property insurance rates are coming down, and the upward rate pressure on many other lines of business is easing. This is the word from Willis North America’s Marketplace Realities, the longstanding semiannual publication predicting price movement and key trends for … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2013

Scariest Risks

Halloween season always puts us in a dark frame of mind here at WillisWire, reflecting not on ghosts and goblins but on all the scary risks we help our clients prepare for.  This year, 18 of our bloggers submitted the … Continue reading →

DOL: Call Me Maybe – As I May Not Answer Due to the Shutdown

Those with ongoing investigations or litigation involving the federal Department of Labor (DOL), possibly arising from fiduciary liability concerns related to employee benefit plans (such as pension plans, including 401(k) plans and welfare benefit programs) – may be interested in … Continue reading →

Health Care Reform and Private Exchanges: How are They Connected?

Now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mandate that larger employers provide health care coverage for their workers or pay penalties has been delayed until 2015, employers have been asking how this delay will affect private Health … Continue reading →

Innovation, Strategy and Market Disruption – Re-thinking Health Care in a Post-Reform Environment


In this year's annual Willis Health Care Forum, keynote speaker Dr. Michael Raynor goes into great detail about how health care organizations must focus on innovation. Continue reading →

Can Individuals Be Personally Liable Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?

Boss Over Shoulder

A recent decision by the Massachusetts appeals court may open the door to personal liability in FLSA claims—at least in the kinds of systematic under-compensation cases sweeping through American hospitals. Continue reading →

What to do While Awaiting Post-DOMA Guidance from the Government

Wedding Bands

The Supreme Court's DOMA ruling will have a significant impact on employers and employer-sponsored plans. What should employers do while waiting for guidance? Continue reading →

Video: The Punch Clock Punches Back


Wage and hour law suits brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act are through the roof. One recent study calculates a 518% increase since 1990. A record-setting 7,764 cases for a 12-month period was reported this past spring. People on … Continue reading →

When Don’t You Have to Pay Interns? DOL Clarifies

Small Wages

The U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) requires employees to be paid at least the federal minimum wage for all hours worked, unless they fall under an exception. Unpaid interns do not have their own exception. This led … Continue reading →

Supreme Court Backs Gay Marriage, But Ruling Raises More Questions than Answers

Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision

Yesterday’s DOMA ruling opens the door for married same sex couples to be eligible for federal benefits, including tax favored treatment of group medical benefits. Continue reading →