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Employers Don’t Know What Health Care Reform is Costing Them

Healthcare Reform Cost Impact: 2012-2013 Survey

While many employers believe that health care reform will not increase costs, more than half of them haven’t even started to calculate those costs. So said this year’s survey of U.S. employers about the effects of health care reform on … Continue reading →

Some School Groups React to Newtown Tragedy: By Scouring Pension Plans

Gun Money

While the shock, disbelief, sadness and sympathy were universal, individuals and institutions had different responses to the Newtown tragedy; one that was not immediately predicted was the reaction of some public pension plans. Continue reading →

Emerging Employee Benefits Risk of 2013: Discriminatory Employee Medical Plans

Emerging Risks

Most U.S. employers are fully aware of the risks associated with their employer-sponsored medical plans and the full implementation of health care reform. Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2013?

Emerging Risks

We look ahead for the risks businesses should prepare for in 2013. Read their predictions and vote for the one most likely to affect your business this year. Continue reading →

With Santa Watching, How Will Employees Behave?

It is that time of year, when kids begin to put together their Christmas list and parents start to remind them that Santa is watching.  So this makes me wonder, since performance management starts at such an early age, why … Continue reading →

Let’s Get Clinical: Using Clinical Data to Lower Employee Health Care Costs

Medical Data

Evidence-based guidance and strategies are the next step to manage rising health care costs. Continue reading →

Misconduct Déjà vu: Whistleblower Retaliation

Whistleblower Retaliation

In the global challenge to maintain good corporate standards and ethics, internal reporting is usually seen as a strong touchstone, exceeding internal audit, for example, as a far more useful tool for routing out improper behavior at an organization. Which … Continue reading →

Post-Election: Employers Need to Review Options for PPACA in 2014

Obama Meets Doctos in Oval Office

Whether you are red or blue, we now know it is unlikely the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be repealed or significantly altered with President Obama being reelected and the Senate staying in Democratic control. For employers, 2014 and the implementation of the “Pay or Play” mandate is now looming on the horizon. Continue reading →

Don’t Let Health Care Reform Overshadow Employee Engagement Efforts

engaged employee

In the world of human resources and employee benefits, the results of the upcoming  November elections and the potential impact on health care reform seems to be a tipping point. The current worries around health care reform mostly contain anxiety … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Employee Benefits Risk – Health Care Reform

Scariest Risks

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has presented a scary scenario for organizations who are grappling with the reform’s changes to their plans. Continue reading →