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Video – Mixed Signals: Navigating a Mixed Marketplace

Video: Eric Joost speaks about Marketplace Realities 2013

A year ago we were searching for an inflection point between the end of a soft market, and the start of a hard market. So far, that has not happened. Rather, as we report in the 2013 Marketplace Realities report, … Continue reading →

Preparing for Federal Agencies on the Prowl

Preparing for an Audit

As the IRS, U.S. Dept. of Labor and other federal agencies continue to step up enforcement of employer practices and employee benefit plans,  the potential for an organization to be subject to an audit is very real. Employers have reported anecdotally … Continue reading →

Reduce Costs by Integrating Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance Administration

Workers Comp and Disability Files

How to save money on employee health care by integrating workers compensation and disability insurance. Continue reading →

Hiring Criminals II: Hiring Convicts to Process Sensitive Data

Inmates have access to sensitive data

Why worry about hiring ex-cons when it’s the current convicts who have access to your sensitive data? Continue reading →

Health Care Transformation is Underway but the Industry Needs to Work out the Kinks

Even before the Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of health care reform, a transformation in the health care industry was already underway as health care organizations began to consider what shape their business models might take in the context … Continue reading →

Must U.S. Employers Hire Criminals?


One recent development likely to be relevant to a large number of employers is the new Enforcement Guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concerning the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions. Continue reading →

Don’t Wait for Election Day to Prepare for Health Reform

Some employers were hoping the Supreme Court would make PPACA go away. Don’t make the same mistake with the fall elections. Continue reading →

Employers Now Care if Their Employees are Using Their Gym Memberships

Many adults, at some point in their life, sign a gym contract to get in better shape. But as the membership fee subtracts from a bank account, a lack of commitment keeps pounds from subtracting from the waistline. Employers today … Continue reading →

What Will Health Care Reform Decision Mean to Employer Plans?

However the Supreme Court rules about Health Care Reform this month, employers will have to figure out how the ruling and subsequent political fallout will affect their group medical plans. Here is our overview of the issues associated with each possible outcome. Continue reading →

Video: Trends and Market Conditions in Human Capital Risk

Colleen McCarthy and I spoke at RIMS last month about trends in human capital risk—also known as employee benefits or human resources risks. Continue reading →