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The 12 Risks of Christmas: How We Helped Santa This Year


Everyone knows Santa to be a great humanitarian and a “jolly old elf,” but he wants to be known for something else: business transparency. So, in our latest client meeting with St. Nick and his senior elf management, they asked … Continue reading →

How to Kill a Troll — The Case for Formalized IP Risk Management

troll grilling

What do AT&T, Google, Carbonite and Level-Up all have in common? All have faced patent litigation costing anywhere from a couple hundred thousand to millions of dollars to defend. Technology companies of all sizes are falling prey to “patent trolls” … Continue reading →

Terminated Clinical Trial Results in Hospital Law Suit

blood samples

Recently, an Illinois appellate court determined that a law suit brought as a result of a terminated trial has grounds for recovery under a hospital professional liability policy.  This decision has serious risk management implications. Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2013

Scariest Risks

Halloween season always puts us in a dark frame of mind here at WillisWire, reflecting not on ghosts and goblins but on all the scary risks we help our clients prepare for.  This year, 18 of our bloggers submitted the … Continue reading →

Volcano Risk: Have we Learned any Lessons?


Don’t miss the exhibition Life and Death: Pompeii and Herculaneum still showing at London’s British Museum for a few days. For a place so closely associated in everyone’s mind with sudden death, the curators managed to put the emphasis on … Continue reading →

Contract Manufacturing – Beyond Products Liability

Pharma Manufacturing

It is no surprise that more and more companies are looking to outsource all or at least a portion of their manufacturing processes to leverage unique manufacturing advantages around the globe. Continue reading →

Spotlight on Cyber – Medical Device Hackers: Fact or Fiction?

World Cyber Risk

In a popular television series, a terrorist hacks into the Vice President’s pacemaker software causing it to malfunction and kill him.  Is this a real risk, or are we just watching too much television? Well, several government officials are taking … Continue reading →

SPOTLIGHT ON CYBER: Is Any Industry Safe?

World Cyber Risk

It may be time to add a new item to life’s certainties: Death, Taxes and Hackers. Our interconnected, online world continues to push the envelope of productivity and convenience, while at the same time decreasing privacy and security. Our special … Continue reading →

Warning: Drug Development May Have Side Effects

Drug-Testing Mouse

Much good comes from the development of pharmaceuticals, biologics and other novel therapeutics. However, as with almost any venture, where there is reward there is the risk of negative side effects. Continue reading →

Who Owns that Gene? Angelina Jolie, BRCA1, and Intellectual Property


Angela Jolie's news this week highlights the issue of whether human genetic material should be patentable, an issue soon to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Continue reading →