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Real Estate and the Treasury’s Revised Funding Proposals for Pool Re

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Commentators initially thought the UK Government’s revised funding proposals for Pool Re would have a significant effect on the provision of terrorism insurance in the UK, however a review of the detail indicates that there may not be any notable … Continue reading →

How to Communicate With Your CEO About Risk

Talking to CEO

What’s the job of a CEO? When you come down to it, a CEO’s job is to make decisions. The right decisions. Knowing your CEO’s priorities is key to communicating effectively. Continue reading →

Solvency II Gets Real

EIOPA: Pre Stress SCR Ratios

The last few days have seen an avalanche of documents from the European regulator EIOPA.  Solvency II, for so long a dream or nightmare, is due to go live in just over 12 months.  It’s getting pretty real. Continue reading →

ERM in Practice: Risk Limits and Controls


One of the core elements of a thorough ERM strategy involves setting risk limits and controls. This practice forms an essential link in every organization’s risk management cycle, which includes identifying, assessing, taking, mitigating, monitoring, and responding to risk. Continue reading →

ERM in Practice: Risk Identification

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Insurers recognize the importance of identifying and classifying their important risks as a major organizing idea for their ERM processes. For our ERM in practice series, we’ve looked to the 2013 annual reports of a dozen global insurance and reinsurance … Continue reading →

ERM in Practice: Risk Measurement


In our second installment of the ‘ERM in Practice’ series, we look specifically into the 2013 Annual Reports of eight global insurance companies (five European and three Non-European) and four international reinsurance groups with the purpose of identifying commonalities in … Continue reading →

ERM in Practice: Risk Organization

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Discussions of enterprise risk management (ERM) practices often seem almost totally theoretical. But in fact, those practices are very real for many companies. One of the most important aspects of an ERM program is the “who” of ERM. We call … Continue reading →

Gap Covers – Gone Forever?

the gap

Ideas and concepts rarely ever die, but get reinvented and reused from time to time. But I think I may have found a candidate for the graveyard. Surely gap covers could never return, could they? I doubt that anybody has … Continue reading →

The Difference Between Risk and Loss

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Risk management has caused many people to substitute one four-letter word for another. They will use the word RISK when they should be saying LOSS. And there is a world of difference between the two. It is the difference between … Continue reading →

Excess Reinsurance Capacity Chases Muted Demand

Willis Re: Property Catastrophe Pricing Trends

Competition in the global reinsurance industry at the 1st July renewals remains fierce with both traditional reinsurers and capital market players fighting to deploy their capital and protect/build their market shares. In the face of this, buyers have been able … Continue reading →