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New coverage can include talent and loyalty


The alternative risk transfer (ART) market offers solutions when traditional insurance faces challenges like capacity constraints, timeliness/certainty of payment, multiyear or multiline transfer needs, or hedges for risk which are not covered under the usual policies. Continue reading →

How does retrospective reinsurance work?

The above graphic outlines which of the three main retrospective options might be appropriate for each motivation. As you can see many of the challenges can be addressed in a number of ways.

There are two main types of cover for retrospective reinsurance solutions: loss portfolio transfer (LPT) and Adverse Development Cover (ADC). Continue reading →

Do look back: A guide to retrospective reinsurance


What is retrospective insurance? Retrospective solutions are backward looking. This means they cover claims that have already occurred, but whose ultimate costs are uncertain. Continue reading →

A reinsurer’s guide to Access to Records clauses


For decades, many reinsurance treaties were simple agreements between international professionals who knew and trusted each other. Deals were closed on a handshake, and the actual reinsurance contracts were simple because these were long-term relationships and everything could be worked … Continue reading →

Cyber risk for insurers


Cyber risk has definitely stepped off the “emerging risks” list and moved in with the “current risks.”  Not a week goes by without another major news story about some firm or government agency being hacked and losing control over millions … Continue reading →

Continued industry/academic collaboration will improve understanding of catastrophe risk


Robust interaction among commercial catastrophe model vendors, re/insurers, intermediaries, and academic and government researchers is the best way to ensure our industry has the tools to deal with a changing risk environment. Continue reading →

For insurers #blockchain is the new black


Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology. Many believe that it will radically change our world, but is blockchain really the new internet? Continue reading →

4 steps to linking strategy and ERM


Why don't insurers practice strategic risk management? Continue reading →

Insurance costs and economic costs of wildfire


The wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada earlier this spring brought great destruction and displaced approximately 88,000 people. It is comforting that no deaths have been reported, especially considering the speed and extent to which it spread. The fire was … Continue reading →

Noah needs insurance


Insurance is the strand that anchors every family, business and community. Insurance complements and supports best building codes, discourages risky behavior and provides money to rebuild. Continue reading →