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Peering past the hype around blockchain


To some it sounds too good to be true: an online trading system that can’t be hacked, costs almost nothing, more or less runs itself and has potentially vast applications for transactional and data-driven business — like insurance. Continue reading →

Finding your way through the emerging risks maze – Some thoughts for mutual insurers

Drivers of emerging third party exposures

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with no slowdown in sight. 3D printers, driverless cars and drones, mobile communications and the internet of things are revolutionising our daily lives, and at the same time bringing opportunities to mutual … Continue reading →

Has hurricane season peaked?


As an ex-weather forecaster, and redoubled through my role working with the Willis Research Network, I have always been involuntarily drawn toward extreme weather. For me, the peak of hurricane season always brings both excitement and anticipation at the prospect … Continue reading →

A defined risk appetite should be at the heart of a mutual insurer


Our industry is well served with data regarding losses, portfolio metrics and market dynamics. On the other hand, until recently there has been a lack of information regarding risk appetite and its influence on the reinsurance decision-making process. But the … Continue reading →

Advanced capital solutions


C-suite key risk issues There is a trend toward severe losses in excess of company risk appetite occurring at large multinationals. These losses may arise from single risks (risk of disaster such as hurricanes, storm surge, earthquakes, pandemic, or cyber-attacks) … Continue reading →

Common concerns when considering retrospective reinsurance solutions


This is the third in a series of blogs on retrospective insurance. In a previous blog I explored what retrospective reinsurance solutions are and why they are gaining in popularity and went on to further explore the different solutions available. Continue reading →

Questions of coverage in the wake of Italy’s August earthquake

2016 Italy Earthquake, credit: REUTERS

Last week’s earthquake in central Italy raises questions regarding the lack of earthquake insurance take-up and resilience measures, also available techniques for managing earthquake catastrophe accumulations. Continue reading →

New coverage can include talent and loyalty


The alternative risk transfer (ART) market offers solutions when traditional insurance faces challenges like capacity constraints, timeliness/certainty of payment, multiyear or multiline transfer needs, or hedges for risk which are not covered under the usual policies. Continue reading →

How does retrospective reinsurance work?

The above graphic outlines which of the three main retrospective options might be appropriate for each motivation. As you can see many of the challenges can be addressed in a number of ways.

There are two main types of cover for retrospective reinsurance solutions: loss portfolio transfer (LPT) and Adverse Development Cover (ADC). Continue reading →

Do look back: A guide to retrospective reinsurance


What is retrospective insurance? Retrospective solutions are backward looking. This means they cover claims that have already occurred, but whose ultimate costs are uncertain. Continue reading →