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Renewable Investors Face New (Uninsured) Risks from Government Drawbacks

wilting wind farm

Such has been the surge in investment in renewable energy projects, driven by political pressure to invest in less emission-intensive energy production and the provision of renewable energy incentives, that investment in renewables has now outstripped fossil fuel fired plants. Continue reading →

Adapting to Climate Change: Renewable Energy


Climate change is arguably one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century, and one both the construction and insurance industries are required to step-up to on several different fronts. For its part, the energy sector has to meet the … Continue reading →

Special Report: Adapting to Climate Change

WillisWire Special Feature: Adapting to Climate Change

A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group warns that no one on the planet will be untouched by the damaging effects of global warming in coming decades. While public policy and government intervention can … Continue reading →

Renewable Energy Financing: What History Could Teach Us

On 4th October 2012 we hosted and sponsored, alongside Infrastructure Journal, the Offshore Wind Future Financing Forum. So let me try and explain why we think financing off-shore wind projects needs our attention. Continue reading →

The Next Step in Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewables share of total net generation by U.S. state, including hydroelectric

U.S. electricity generation through renewable sources of energy has seen significant growth from 2001 to 2011. Now is the time for the insurance industry to grasp the nettle and create products that support the next leap forward in renewable energy. Continue reading →

Report Bolsters Certainty of UK Renewable Energy Future

Back in January, I wrote a blog titled Emerging Renewable Risks of 2012, where I discussed the uncertainty of renewable energy globally. I’m happy to report that a recently published Crown Estate study shines some light on the subject of … Continue reading →

Best of British for UK’s Green Plans?

Should Britain emulate South Korea, Germany, and France in offshore wind, and favour local industry? asks Tim Halperin-Smith, the divisional director of our renewable energy practice. Continue reading →

Can We Position Ourselves for a Renewable-Based Future?

Let me correct the massive amount of misinformation about the UK Prime Minister's April speech on the Green agenda at the Clean Energy Ministerial. Continue reading →

Emerging Renewables Risk of 2012

Judging by the enquiries we receive on a regular basis from all over the world there seems to be an emerging trend surrounding the future uncertainty of renewables in many countries’ energy policies. Continue reading →

Largest Renewable Energy Claims of 2011

Offshore wind insurance has fortunately not had the industrial mega claims yet, but there are a few close calls around that raise concern in the insurance sector. Continue reading →