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Seasonal Forecasting: Understanding the “Crystal Ball”

weather forecasting

Weather prediction improved leaps and bounds during the satellite era, and in recent decades computational capabilities have grown immensely. However, forecasting the details of weather (rainfall amounts and locations for example) has fundamental limits, meaning we are unlikely to be … Continue reading →

The 12 Risks of Christmas: How We Helped Santa This Year


Everyone knows Santa to be a great humanitarian and a “jolly old elf,” but he wants to be known for something else: business transparency. So, in our latest client meeting with St. Nick and his senior elf management, they asked … Continue reading →

Thoughts on the Midwest Tornado Outbreak

Tornado on the Plains

November isn’t generally known for tornado outbreaks in the U.S., but mid-way through the month a vicious and deadly swathe of tornados swarmed through the Midwest States of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Michigan leaving widespread damage and destruction … Continue reading →

Haiyan Loss

Super Typhoon Haiyan's Eye - detailed infrared image from NASA/NOAA

Every time there is a major natural catastrophe somewhere in the world, losses are measured in several terms. First and foremost there is the human cost. While the loss of life may eventually be measured in a number, the suffering … Continue reading →

Lessons from Hurricane Sandy: “A Wake-up Call”

Hurricane Sandy: NJ coast. A handout photograph by the US Air Force on 30 October 2012, taken during a search and rescue mission by 1-150 Assault Helicopter Battalion, New Jersey Army National Guard, in New Jersey, USA. Credit: EPA

Maybe the reason this year’s hurricane season has been so light is that last year’s gave us so much to think about. Insurers realized they were underpricing a serious exposure – “we were giving it away,” one underwriter said. Continue reading →

Flash Floods, Flimsy Coverage

Pearls in Water

If your Ferrari tastes extend to your home, and you have top-of-the-line construction and luxury furnishings, you may be in for a shocking surprise if your house is flooded. Continue reading →

Clean Air and Tropical Storm Frequency

earth, aerosols, atmosphere, climate change

Using the word ‘aerosol’ in everyday language might generally be associated with spray cans. However besides styling our hair or odourising a room, aerosols are known to influence various physical processes in our atmosphere. Continue reading →

Prepare for a Rough Hurricane Season

Emergency Kit

Hurricane season has returned, and forecasters say it will be an extremely active one.  Hurricanes cause heavy rains and high winds that can result in extensive damage in coastal and inland areas.  Continue reading →

Willis Re Tornado Damage Survey Report: A Question of Distance Across the Path?

Tornado-Damaged House

While researching the damage caused by the wave of tornadoes that struck the Midwest U.S. last month for our report, Willis Re May 2013 Tornado Damage Survey Report, the Willis Re team made several interesting observations. Continue reading →

Brinkmanship, Flood Insurance and Science

Traffic Sign in a Flood

The “Statement of Principles” on flood insurance agreed by the UK Government and the Association of British Insurers as a temporary measure in the year 2000 is due to expire on 31st July 2013. At the heart of this document … Continue reading →