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One Year Later, Thai Floods Still Teach us Supply-Chain Lessons

Helicopter survey of flooding in suburban Greater Bangkok during the 2011 Thai Floods

At an estimated US$ 15 billion of insurable losses, the 2011 Thai floods are likely to rank as one of the most costly natural catastrophes. Unlike other nat cat events, a significant portion of these insurance claims are related to losses suffered far from Thailand, by companies that outsourced their supply chains to this low-cost manufacturing centre. Continue reading →

Using Geo-Spatial Data to Model Flood Risk (and More…)

Flooded Street (red sign)

With UK homes and business suffering from another round of summer floods government advisors say we can expect more of the same over the next 20 years if climate change predictions are accurate. Continue reading →

Understanding Catastrophes

Cost of Hurricane Katrina

Recent natural and man-made catastrophes are mandating that business recalibrate risk. This is because ‘worst cases’ are being exceeded all around us. Continue reading →