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Increase employee engagement by communicating beyond open enrollment


Those “quiet” months between enrollment periods present a tremendous opportunity to deepen your employees’ knowledge of and appreciation for their benefits. Continue reading →

Improving productivity… Beyond March Madness


Every March finds many U.S. employers wringing their hands over the amount of time employees are distracted by the national college basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness. This year the tournament is estimated to cost employers $4 billion – … Continue reading →

Content Protection and Digital Piracy – How Can You Protect Your Content?


Media Companies and Risk The internet has revolutionised the way the world is consuming content. Media companies have benefitted from increased access to worldwide audiences through multiple platforms; however, with online piracy rife throughout the world, these companies are having … Continue reading →

The drones in your human capital strategy


Dire predictions that humans will be replaced by machines in the workplace continue to make headlines. Drones are delivering packages to your doorstep. The manufacturing, automotive and healthcare industries are already highly automated in many countries, and technology companies are … Continue reading →

What Impact Will the Senior Managers Regime Have on Internal Investigations Involving Senior Employees?

What Impact Kean Image

Imagine you are a designated senior manager or perhaps simply someone subject to the Financial Conduct Authority’s new certification regime. Out of the blue, you are asked to attend a meeting with the company’s general counsel. After the initial pleasantries … Continue reading →

Cybergeddon? SWIFT Malware May Put Central Banks at Risk

Bangladesh hack

The scariest bank robbery in history took place recently, and very few people understand the true nature of the crime. A robber with a gun can empty a bank vault.  A mastermind with an understanding of SWIFT can steal a … Continue reading →

U.K. Floods: Should We Expect More of the Same?


Last week we examined the impact of the recent U.K. floods on the re/insurance industry. This leads us to ask what we should expect in the future. The U.K. December floods provided a useful case study on the performance of … Continue reading →

U.K. Bribery Act: SFO Flexes its Extraterritorial Muscles to Good Effect


For a little while the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has been hinting that it has a number of Bribery Act cases in the pipeline, and now we have our first conviction in the U.K. of a company under Section 7 … Continue reading →

Now That 3D Printing is Creating Medical Devices, What Regulatory and Liability Challenges Loom?


In 3D printing, a computer creates software containing a product design then sends it to printers, which manufacture the final product from a variety of materials including plastics, metals, drugs and, now, human tissue. 3D printing offers the promise of … Continue reading →

Commodities Price Plunge: How Do The Upstream and Downstream Energy Markets Compare?


The recent collapse in the price of oil has impacted the entire downstream and upstream energy industry. Wherever you look the story is the same, including in the Latin American markets: investments are being withdrawn projects are being postponed yard … Continue reading →