Hobby Lobby Decision Limits PPACA’s Contraceptive Mandate

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

Employers who have religious convictions that would prohibit them from paying for contraceptive services have gotten some help from the Supreme Court today in the long-awaited Hobby Lobby case. Continue reading →

What do the World Cup and D&O Insurance Have in Common?

Lloyds: World Cup Insurable Value

I spotted a recent headline advising that the total insurable value of all the players at the World Cup is approximately US$10 billion. This is according to a study carried out by Lloyd’s in conjunction with the Centre for Economics … Continue reading →

Halliburton Ruling May Drive Defense Costs

halliburton decision

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its much-anticipated decision in Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc. (Halliburton II) , which had been closely monitored by the legal and insurance communities for its potential to turn the … Continue reading →

Checkup Time for Health Care Professionals

viewing brain scans

Change in U.S. health care often seems to be moving at the pace of an ambulance with its lights and sirens on. Fast. We hear a lot these days about the changes that health insurance buyers are facing with Obamacare, … Continue reading →

A Short History of Micro Insurance in India

Holding Indian Money

The scope for micro financial products in India is massive, with approximately 800 million people living on less than $2 a day, the market is vast. Continue reading →

Rakoff Overturned – But May Have “Won” Anyway

Rakoff decision vacated

A judge rejects an SEC settlement and the world was never the same. Three years ago, Judge Rakoff of the Federal District Court in Manhattan rejected Citigroup’s $285 million settlement with the SEC for fraud charges surrounding the issuance of … Continue reading →

What the Influx of Capital is Doing to Reinsurance Today

Capital Inflow: Who is Buying

Last week I presented the keynote address of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), Meeting of Reinsurance Officials (MORO), in Miami. The theme of the presentation, “The Current State of the Reinsurance Market”, focused on the impact of the … Continue reading →

The Real Estate Deal – on Risks in 2014

Steve Sachs video

If there’s one risk exposure real estate companies should be thinking about today, it’s cyber risk – because that’s the risk they’re most likely to be ignoring. Four or five years ago, real estate clients didn’t face much cyber exposure. … Continue reading →

How to Tell if Your Total Rewards Strategy is Retaining Key Talent

team meeting

It seems like every business publication I read lately focuses on leadership skills, gaps in skills and talent, and the growing needs of organizations. And I know that recruiting, retaining and motivating talent is crucial to your organization’s success. What … Continue reading →

Can You Insure Yourself Against Your Own Illegal Conduct?

smiling criminal

You can’t insure yourself against your own illegal conduct, right? Well, it seems only up to a point. In a recent case a driver and passenger were both injured in a car accident in which prosecutors said the driver was … Continue reading →