RAND Study: TRIA Expiration Could “Affect U.S. National Resilience”

Pentagon 9/11 attack

The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), which provides a federal backstop for insured terrorism losses, will expire later in 2014. There’s been plenty of discussion about the disruption to insurance markets that could be created by failure to renew this … Continue reading →

What Do Commercial Crime Policies Have in Common with the Bible?

store thefts

It is often said if one looks hard enough one can find authority for just about any proposition in the Bible.  This is perhaps another way of saying that there is plenty to argue about and discuss.  I sometimes think … Continue reading →

Will Asia Overtake the West in Captives?

Asia map

Globalisation brings more and more transparency, particularly in the fast moving risk management arena. The use of captives has, until now, been the domain of Western corporations. But now Asia wants to catch up. Continue reading →

Guide to ERM: Risk Governance


What should a board expect from management regarding risk and resiliency? As a part of strong enterprise risk management practice the board of directors should consider the following: Continue reading →

Don’t Confuse Email with Social Media in the Workplace

email boss

There is a quite a bit (rightfully) being written about the challenges of addressing social media related employment actions (hiring / firing); I’ve written some of these myself. But there may be a key distinction between how an employer could … Continue reading →

Using Documentation to Reduce A&E Professional Liability Risk

Architect documentation

When it comes to managing professional liability risk, documentation is one area all design firms need to take very seriously. Continue reading →

VIDEO Interview with Paddy Jago: Reinsurers Must Remain Relevant

Paddy Jago, interviewed by Richard Mackillican

In this video I discuss current reinsurance market conditions with Paddy Jago, President of Willis Re. Traditional reinsurers must remain relevant in order to survive challenging market dynamics, but stay mindful about which areas they diversify into, according to Paddy. Continue reading →

Sunny Spells & Solar Storms

solar flare

When the maelstrom of super-heated gas that is the Sun’s surface ties itself in a knot, the results can be both unimaginably powerful and blindingly beautiful. Continue reading →

Cyber Criminals Continue Onslaught on Global Retail

key in motherboard

Through the development of new and more advanced malware, cyber criminals are becoming ever more focused on the volume and nature of data held on retailers’ IT systems. The attack on the U.S. retailer Target in late 2013 has led … Continue reading →

Guide to ERM: Interdependence of Risks

newton balls

One of the reasons that so few people predicted anything like the financial crisis of 2007-2008 was the common wisdom that housing markets in different parts of the U.S. moved independently of one another, and that there was very little … Continue reading →