The Capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán

Homeland Security Investigations, a branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials previously announced the discovery of a large drug trafficking operation from Mexico into Arizona. Source: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Department of Homeland Security)

The high profile and dramatic capture of “El Chapo” marks a significant victory for Peña Nieto’s administration’s strategy on tackling drug trafficking organisations. However, it could also herald a shift in Mexico’s criminal landscape and prompt a series of swift … Continue reading →

Insurers’ Consent to Settlement: The Perils of Acting As A “Prudent Uninsured”

British law

It is often said that English law is more favourable to insurers than the laws of many other countries in the developed world.  The context for this tends to be the general duty imposed under the Marine Insurance Act 1906 … Continue reading →

Ukrainian Unrest

Protester wearing Ukraine state flag colors facing the massive fire set by protesters to prevent internal forces from crossing the barricade line. Kyiv, Ukraine. Source: Mstyslav Chernov

After a brief respite in violence, at least 77 people including a number of police and journalists are reported to have been killed over the past few days in renewed violence in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. This period of hostility was … Continue reading →

Discipline an Employee for Breaking a Safety Rule? – The US Department of Labor May have Something to Say About That.

safety first?

It seems like a pretty simple concept: you break a safety rule (even if you are the injured party) and you can be disciplined. Many firms have used this process for years to enforce rules to keep their employees safe … Continue reading →

In Alternative Dispute Resolution, Is Silence Really Golden?

silence is golden

Is silence really golden? Not as far as the UK Court of Appeal is concerned. In the context of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), one needs to shout from the rooftops that not only will you consider mediation, but you’ll actively engage in the process. Continue reading →

Directors Sued for Cyber Breach

targeted businessman

After disclosure of a recent cyber breach, the company’s board of directors was sued by shareholders in two separate legal actions–derivative lawsuits to be precise. Continue reading →

All on the Same Train, but Heading in Different Directions: Risk Attitudes and Implications for forming a Risk Culture


The term risk culture refers to how things are seen, done and justified. It’s not the explanation of last resort to be used only when other explanations—economic, demographic, organizational—are inadequate, i.e. “Oh well, it must be cultural then.” Continue reading →

Top 10 Financial Institution Court Award & Settlements of 2013

gavel money

Last week I sat down with fellow blogger Ann Longmore to discuss the “top cases” of 2013. Actually we focused on the most influential court awards and settlements specifically affecting financial institutions. Continue reading →

New Casualty Capital: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde

Capital pouring in from the property catastrophe space means casualty reinsurance cedants find themselves awash with capacity at a competitive period in the market cycle. This is good news, as long as you can tell who’s here for the long … Continue reading →

Guide to ERM: Risk Capital


Knowing the amount of surplus an insurer needs to support risk is fundamental to enterprise risk management (ERM) and to the own risk and solvency assessment (ORSA). With the increasing focus on ERM, regulators, rating agencies, and insurance and reinsurance … Continue reading →