Weather-Related Environmental Risks

chemical spill

On September 24, representatives from the insurance, legal and scientific communities participated in an A.M. Best webinar on Weather Related Environmental Risks to discuss the increased attention on natural hazards/disasters related to climate change, and the pollution liability exposures and … Continue reading →

EEOC Spooks Employers on Wellness

ruling against wellness

A recent injunction by a district court has thrown a scare into many employers who maintain wellness programs.  The injunction was in response to request by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding the Honeywell wellness program and keeps Honeywell … Continue reading →

Redressing the Balance Between the Insurer and the Insured


In January 2006, the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission — both statutory independent bodies created to keep the law under review and to recommend reform where it is needed — began a joint review of insurance contract law. Continue reading →

Misuse Confidential Information and Risk a Significant Payment

stealing secrets

A recent decision of the English High Court found Barclays Bank liable to pay damages of €10 million to CF Partners for breaching an equitable duty of confidence. The Court held that the bank had misused confidential information, supplied by … Continue reading →

The Scariest Risk of All: Irrationality

irrational fear

Much of the news we receive and ‘drama’ we watch on television (or online) is focused on the consequences of terrible things happening. If we believed every word of it we’d be convinced that we are on the verge of … Continue reading →

Is a Company Director Entitled to Compensation for a Failed D&O Claim?


What happens when there has been a failure to notify a claim on behalf of a company director and the relevant D&O insurance policy has since expired? Can the director apply to the Financial Services Ombudsman for compensation against the … Continue reading →

Emerging Threats to Airports, Aircraft and Staff

airport explosion

For corporate travellers, expatriates, airlines and ground facility providers, an upsurge in internal conflict and the proliferation of terrorism are driving threats specific to airports which heighten risks to people and assets both in the air and on the ground. Continue reading →

More Regulation, Bigger Hacks, Less Clarity, Higher Costs

computer securitiy

There has been much press in recent months regarding a growing spectrum of data breaches involving credit card, health care and financial data. Over the past year, the severity of data breaches is on the rise. Hackers had been targeting … Continue reading →

OSHA Enforcement Applies to Real Estate and Hotel Entities

workplace regulation

Since the enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHAct) in 1970, nearly all U.S. employers have the responsibility to: “Ensure each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are … Continue reading →

Marking the Close – Old Fraud by New Means

trader computer

The US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently fined a high-frequency trading firm a cool $1 million to settle charges that the firm had used their sophisticated algorithmic trading system to “mark the close” or “bang the close.” “Marking the … Continue reading →