FCA and the Fair Use of Client Dealing Commission – More Than “a Little Local Difficulty”?


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has just published a discussion paper on the use of dealing commissions.  The paper is the result of supervisory activity in the asset management sector, as well as other regulatory engagement with stakeholders. The FCA … Continue reading →

Casualty Marketplace is a Buyer’s Market; Take the Money and Sit – at the Negotiating Table

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Moderating rate pressure continues in the casualty marketplace in North America, and we are counseling risk managers not to take the money and run but to sit down with their carriers and consider several ways to take advantage of what … Continue reading →

Speaking of Exclusions, What About Professional Services?


In recent blogs I have addressed the vexed question of pollution exclusions in D&O policies.  What about another exclusion that occasionally gets wheeled out to potentially devastating effect? I have in mind the professional services or “PI” exclusions which tend … Continue reading →

Solvency II – A Burden or an Opportunity for Captives?


The reality of Solvency II is now dawning on the whole insurance industry. After years of speculation and, in the case of many, millions of euros of expense and additional regulatory capital, insurance company owners are bracing themselves for pillars … Continue reading →

Analysis: What Next, After the Conflicting Obamacare Decisions?

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Tuesday, two conflicting circuit court decisions reflected on the ability of the IRS to direct taxpayer financial support to those Americans who enrolled in public exchange coverage. Some employers will be unaffected whichever decision prevails, while other companies—and states—will face … Continue reading →

Cyber-Crime: Coming to a Law Firm Near You

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Cyber-crime is a growing problem and is considered to be more profitable than the drugs trade. Small and medium sized firms are being targeted by cyber-criminals because they consider their systems to be unsophisticated and the information stored valuable, but … Continue reading →

Contradictory Obamacare Rulings Leave Employers Wondering

split decision

Two circuit courts have come to different conclusions regarding a key component of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”): whether subsidies are available for coverage on the exchanges run by the federal government or only for those exchanges … Continue reading →

Environmental Liability Today: Good Risks, Good Rates

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Given the breadth of exposures covered by today’s environmental liability insurance policies, and the highly competitive marketplace for most classes of business, it’s a fantastic time for companies to investigate coverage options if they haven’t done so for a while—and … Continue reading →

The Next Big Thing in Banking May Not be a Bank


“Chase or Google?” my colleague challenged me, asking which would be more important in ten years’ time. The answer may well be neither. Continue reading →

Rate Reductions of Up to 30% in Construction, Property & Casualty

Willis CPC: Property Rating Trends, 2014 Q1-2

Following an unconventional 1st January treaty renewal season, the big question on the lips of corporate buyers and their advisers is how much of this reinsurance cost reduction will insurers pass on to them? Continue reading →