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EMV Technology and the Liability Shift: What Businesses Should Consider


The introduction of EMV¹ chip card technology by credit card networks has played an important role in reducing international point of sale (POS) credit card fraud. This technology is being rolled out in the U.S., and card networks have introduced … Continue reading →

Who Wants to Be a Non-Executive Director in a Financial Services Firm?


This is not the title of a new game show. Instead it’s a question of vital interest to the regulators and stakeholders of financial services (FS) firms. That’s because under the unitary board system, non-executives are expected to play an important … Continue reading →

How Will the FDA Define Biosimilars?


Biosimilars are very similar successors to biologic drugs whose patents have expired. Whereas generic versions of chemical drugs are identical to or within an acceptable bioequivalent range of the original drugs, biosimilars are not exact copies because biologics are made … Continue reading →

Asian Energy Clients to Insurers: Innovate to Survive!


Insurers are facing a dwindling premium income pool and must innovate if they are to survive today’s competitive market environment and provide the kind of solutions required by today’s energy industry. That was the unequivocal message delivered by delegates at … Continue reading →

Latest on El Niño Predictions for 2016: A Looming La Niña?

Jan2016 ENSO. Credit: NOAA

El Niño continues to hold sway over global weather patterns, and its influence is likely to persist into Spring 2016.This is according to the El Niño Global Impact Forecast, a special report written by researchers at the National Center for … Continue reading →

How to Create a Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan


Businesses Are Vulnerable To Disruption From Natural And Geo-Political Events Continue reading →

Don’t Let FinTech Eliminate Financial Access for Some


Technology-based financial innovation has transformed the financial sector. In particular, financial technology (FinTech) firms have revolutionised financial services for the historically underbanked or unbanked, who can now access, transfer and save money, particularly in parts of the world where mobile … Continue reading →

How to win the U.K. construction war for talent


After years of a recent recession and an overall economic slump in the U.K., things finally seem to be looking up. In 2014, the construction industry’s output was GBP103 billion, 6.5% of the total economy. The industry’s output rose in … Continue reading →

Lifetime Mortgages: A Retirement Solution, but Not Without Risk


People are living longer, and life expectancy is rising further. In the U.K., life expectancy increased from 70 years in 1961 to 80 in 2009, and 1 in 3 babies born in 2013 are now expected to live to celebrate … Continue reading →

Address talent management and retirement planning together


There exists a monumental opportunity for financial institutions to work more closely with employers and their employees to help address their biggest respective risks – namely talent management and retirement planning. These two issues may seem poles apart but linking … Continue reading →