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The Chief Risk Officer: When a Triangle Becomes a Square

4 executives

The traditional shape for the apex of a pyramid is a triangle, right? Translate that into an organogram for any large organisation and you can be sure that the three corners will be occupied respectively by the Chief Executive, the … Continue reading →

Cyber Claims Landscape: Companies Face Increasing Data Breach Liability

cyber risk

The cyber risk landscape is rapidly evolving. Governments are facing an unprecedented level of cyber attacks and threats with the potential to undermine national security and critical infrastructure. Similarly, businesses across a wide range of industry sectors are exposed to … Continue reading →

How “Big Data” Can Help Employers Improve Their Health Outcomes Strategies

big data medical

As plan sponsors take greater ownership of their medical coverage, the appetite to harness available data has never been greater. Here are just a few reasons why employers need to become even more sophisticated as they use the mountain of … Continue reading →

The Impact of Urbanization on Construction

urban density

Sharing information with colleagues is always a good strategy – and even better when it can be recorded and shared. Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Construction CEO for Willis North America Rick Hawkinberry to discuss urbanization, a … Continue reading →

US Industry and Government Collaborate to Address Cyber Risks

White House cyber risk

Recognizing that collaboration between the public and private sectors is needed to address the ever-increasing cybersecurity crisis, the United States federal government has recently shown its support to the insurance industry to help deliver optimal cyber insurance solutions to the … Continue reading →

How Big a Problem is Airline Hacking?

airline hacking

Another cyber-attack against a national airline has once again exposed the vulnerability of the aviation sector to criminal hackers and their paymasters. Continue reading →

The Age of Irresponsibility Is Over – You Heard It Here First

Bank of England

It’s not often that a single speech provides enough material for a blog piece, but when that speech is by the Governor of the Bank of England and expressly calls for a significant expansion of the regulatory regime as well … Continue reading →

Navigating the Paid Sick Leave Law Trend: Are You Up to Speed?

broken leg

The idea of mandatory paid sick leave has been around for over 10 years. Continue reading →

Is the US Operational Insurance Market Immature in Comparison to Europe?

highway system

Launched in 1992, the UK Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has evolved to become a major source of funding for capital sector schemes across a wide range of government departments within the UK. To date, approaching 700 projects have achieved financial … Continue reading →

Employers are Waging a War Against Obesity

overweight worker

The obesity epidemic is taking its toll on medical costs and workforce productivity. Obesity is linked to heart disease, pulmonary disorders, depression, arthritis, hypertension and other musculoskeletal maladies. Continue reading →