US Auto Liability Market Trends – Q3 2014

Auto Liability Middle Market Market Trends: Q3 2014

Primary auto rate increases are averaging +2.0% countrywide, which continues a downward trend from +2.7% last quarter and +3.9% a year ago. Continue reading →

US Workers Compensation Market Trends – Q3 2014

Workers Compensation Market Trends: Q3 2014

The average reported rate increase for Workers’ Compensation is approximately +2.7% on a countrywide basis, down about 3.6 percentage points compared to the average rate increase of +6.3% from our September 2013 report. Continue reading →

US Umbrella and Excess Market Trends – Q3 2014

Umbrella Liability Middle Market Trends: Q3-2014

Flat renewal and rate reductions were common again in the umbrella marketplace. As was the case last quarter, the average umbrella rate change was +0.8% compared with +3.8% a year ago. Savvy underwriters were at the table in advance of … Continue reading →

US Casualty Market Trends – Q3 2014

Casualty Market Trends: Q3-2014

Who doesn’t want to turn the clock back? Return to some better time and place from the past? Those who live at least part of their life in the casualty marketplace have a modest opportunity to do just that these … Continue reading →

US General Liability Market Trends – Q3 2014

General LIability Market Trends: Q3-2014

Countrywide, average primary general liability rate increases are at +1.6%, unchanged from last quarter’s +1.6% but down from +4.0% last September. Average rates for national accounts dropped to +0.5% from about +2.7% in December 2013. Average rate increases are down … Continue reading →

Phishing Works

hooked fish

Phishing continues to be a significant part of the increase in identity theft. Phishing happens when attempts are made to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information like usernames, passwords, credit card, or health insurance information by a person or group masquerading … Continue reading →

Dangers & Opportunities Behind Latest IPCC Climate Change Report

IPCC: Change in Average Surface Temperatures, 1986-2005 to 2081-2100

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently published its Synthesis Report, a comprehensive summary of the IPCC’s three previous reports, which outlined the causes, the impacts, and the potential solutions to climate change. The report comes at … Continue reading →

ERM in Practice: Risk Measurement


In our second installment of the ‘ERM in Practice’ series, we look specifically into the 2013 Annual Reports of eight global insurance companies (five European and three Non-European) and four international reinsurance groups with the purpose of identifying commonalities in … Continue reading →

CMS Delays Enforcement of HPID Requirements

push back time

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services pulled an "Emily Litella" with its announcement delaying the Health Plan Identifier. Continue reading →

Modernizing the Liability Risk Retention Act for Risk Retention Groups

property damage

A movement is underway to modernize the 33-year-old Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA) by reintroducing legislation allowing risk retention groups (RRGs) to provide commercial property insurance coverage. Continue reading →