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5 Financial Stories You Might Have Missed — And X-Rated Whistleblowing

This week's stories include insider trading, dubious whistleblowers, Dodd-Frank ‘Volcker Rule’, mobile payment products, and some very bad behavior. Continue reading →

Insuring the Titanic


This week marks the 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. As the broker of the ill-fated ship, Willis has a unique perspective on one of the insurance world’s largest losses--shared by guest blogger Rachel Wilkinson of Willis Marine. Continue reading →

Boards Need to Wake up to Cyber Threats and Liabilities

Hand Shadow Over Keyboard

There is a whole universe of potential cyber risk not understood at a board level, and company directors must wake up to cyber threats or risk litigation from all sides. Continue reading →

JOBS Act Analysis: What the Law Means for Small Businesses, Financial Institutions, and Insurers (1st in a Series)

President Obama signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act April 5, 2012 With the signing of the JOBS Act 2012 (Jumpstart Our Business Startups), the ability for smaller companies to raise money—and financial institutions to get in trouble—just got … Continue reading →

How to Mitigate Obstetrical Risk–And Guard Against a Jumbo Verdict

At the RIMS Conference next week, I will be a panelist in the health care industry session, presenting on patient safety in obstetrics—and I thought I’d share a preview of it with you. Continue reading →

U.S. Personal Lines Insurance Premiums up by 6% in 2012

Why we predict personal insurance premiums will increase 5%-6%, by guest blogger Sharon Kimmel, Quality Assurance & Compliance Officer for Willis Personal Lines. Continue reading →

Employer Survey Shows Worksite Wellness is Alive and Well

This year's Health and Productivity Survey found employers continue to work toward achieving high levels of sustained engagement in their worksite wellness programs. Guest blogger Jennifer Price, Health Outcomes Consultant in Willis' Human Capital Practice, discusses the survey results. Continue reading →

Solvency II Averts Waterloo – This Month’s 2nd Biggest Surprise?

Two big European surprises in just a couple of days:  firstly, news breaks that in a desperate attempt to avoid another “null points” scenario, veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck has been brought back to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest.  … Continue reading →

The Big Bang for the Insurance Industry?

Algorithms might be the only way forward for the insurance industry, writes Jonathan Prinn, COO of Willis Global Placement. That's why we developed WillPLACE. Continue reading →

Financial Stories You Might Have Missed – And a Note of Irony

A New Class of Exports – Class Action Goes International Countries export when they have a surplus.  Japan produces cars.  France produces wine. America, well, America produces lawyers. In the last 12 years the number of countries that allow class actions … Continue reading →