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2016 Top 10 – #2: How to develop a sound competency model for better benefits and outcomes

Streamlining your competency models and embedding them effectively in technology to support the full talent lifecycle creates clear benefits Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #3: For insurers #blockchain is the new black

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology. Many believe that it will radically change our world, but is blockchain really the new internet? Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #4: Guide to directors & officers liability insurance for financial institutions

D&O insurance policies offer liability coverage for managers to protect them from claims that may arise when acting in the scope of their managerial duties. Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #5: How P&C insurers are using, or plan to use, big data

Companies are focused on the importance of big data in a predictive analytics framework to improve their decisions with respect to their overall business strategy. Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #6: U.K. Floods: Should We Expect More of the Same?

By making a few assumptions, the chances of getting two locations, such as Carlisle, experiencing extreme flows in a 10-year period is over 80%. Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #7: How are life insurers planning to use big data and predictive analytics?

Life insurers should think ahead about how they want to use and deploy big data and predictive analytics in order to invest in areas that will be needed to succeed. Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #8:The Five Risks That Threaten the Future of FinTech — and How Insurance Can Help


Advances in technology promise to change the way financial institutions operate in hundreds of ways in the next decade. Many of these changes will require a reexamination of the way insurance mitigates the risk associated with the business. Continue reading →

Know your enemy: Inside the hacker’s mind

Companies rely on technology and outsourcing for critical activities, including storing sensitive client data and intellectual property, communicating and conducting transactions. This leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Whether from company insiders or outside hackers, these attacks can interrupt business operations, … Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #9: Guide to RFPs: To bid or not to bid

The process of putting an insurance program out to bid e.g. a request for proposal (“RFP”) can be very time consuming. The decision to do so cannot be taken lightly. Continue reading →

2016 Top 10 – #10: The future of insurance

The insurance industry is scrambling to respond technology's impact. Those who thrive will learn to ride the wave of disruption and reinvent themselves. Continue reading →