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5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed: “Special” FX

5 Financial News Stories

Here are news stories from the week that were easy to miss, but may have some lasting impact. Continue reading →

Banks’ Get-Out-Of-Jail Free Card

Open Jail

Large banks may be virtually immune from criminal prosecution. Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed: Opportunistic Suits

5 Financial News Stories

This week: opportunistic suits, cyber attacks, guaranteed returns, LIBOR criminals, and some pretty major fat-fingering. Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed: Certifiable

5 Financial News Stories

This week: The Supreme Court, SEC, fraud statute of limitations, class actions, vanishing small banks, and Henry V. Continue reading →

Libor Litigation: Coverage Dispute Clues

Libor Litigation

There has been a lot of publicity around the decision of Mr. Justice Flaux to allow Graiseley Properties Limited to argue their pleaded case at trial. What I find interesting about the case is the legal basis on which it has been … Continue reading →

Banks Daring to Defy Dodd-Frank Mandates (You Can’t Make Me!)

Defying Dodd-Frank

One of the perhaps laudable goals of the U.S. Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (aka Dodd-Frank), generally supported by global regulators, has been to create a more robust regulatory framework for largely unregulated transactions, including swaps and derivatives, … Continue reading →

Farepak: A Silver Lining for the Directors but a Dark Cloud for the Banks

Lawbook and Glasses

Remember the collapse of Farepak in October 2006 and the resulting furor when over 100,000 customers lost deposits to secure their Christmas and other food and retail vouchers? A lot of that outrage was directed at the board of Farepak … Continue reading →

Libor: The Trillion-Dollar Question


The Libor scandal could ultimately lead to billions in potential fines and settlements, possible jail time for some, higher borrowing costs globally, and will undoubtedly lead to increased regulatory scrutiny. It may also make liability insurers become more cautious about underwriting financial service firms. Continue reading →

Banks Need More Capital. Not a Little Capital, Either.

How will globally systemic banks raise the $566 billion in new capital Fitch Ratings says they'll need to meet new rules and regulations in six years? Continue reading →

3 Tips When Seeking Capital Relief from Insurance

There has been a rash of interest recently among financial institutions in the use of insurance as risk-based capital. This is hardly surprising when you consider the stresses in the economy and the focus of regulators on banks, investment managers … Continue reading →