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Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline

diverse pipeline

According to a 2014 SHRM survey, more than half (57%) of human resources professionals think recruiting for diversity is important and design their efforts around that goal. The benefits that a diverse workforce can bring are many. Continue reading →

After 20 Years, is FMLA Easier to Administer? Not Since the DOMA Decision.

Baby With Two Mommies

The U.S. Family and Leave Act (FMLA) has been part of the workplace for over 20 years now and you would think that it would be easier for HR to administer.  But that is not the case. There are confusing … Continue reading →

What to do While Awaiting Post-DOMA Guidance from the Government

Wedding Bands

The Supreme Court's DOMA ruling will have a significant impact on employers and employer-sponsored plans. What should employers do while waiting for guidance? Continue reading →

Supreme Court Backs Gay Marriage, But Ruling Raises More Questions than Answers

Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision

Yesterday’s DOMA ruling opens the door for married same sex couples to be eligible for federal benefits, including tax favored treatment of group medical benefits. Continue reading →

Women in the Boardroom – Where Are They?

Woman in Boardroom

A topic of international concern and discussion is the limited presence of women in the boardroom. With women holding only 14% of the board seats at S&P 1500 companies, the question raised is what should be done about  gender disparity. … Continue reading →