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Hardhats, high tech and the value of slow adoption

I’ve been in construction a long time and admit that at times we may deserve our industry’s reputation of not exactly being early adopters of new technology. We’re no strangers to high tech, of course. CAD, BIM, drones: we’re doing … Continue reading →

¿Qué Riesgos Están Surgiendo en el 2016?

Nuestro mundo está avanzando a un ritmo que invita a la innovación que crece a velocidad vertiginosa, animando a las empresas a saltar en territorios inexplorados. Ya sea que se trate de nuevas tecnologías de punta – como los drones … Continue reading →

What risks will emerge in 2016?

Our world is advancing at a pace that invites innovation at breakneck speed, encouraging companies to jump into untested waters. Whether it is new, disruptive technologies – such as drones – or just a new way of doing business – such … Continue reading →

Veja os 13 riscos mais assustadores de 2015!

Scariest Risks of 2015

Com a aproximação do Halloween, nós, do blog WillisWire, pensamos não nos piores monstros e bruxas, mas no que há de mais assustador e real nos riscos enfrentados por nossos clientes durante o ano. Treze dos nossos especialistas e blogueiros … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2015

Scariest Risks of 2015

As Halloween approaches and darkness falls earlier every day, we at WillisWire find ourselves reflecting not on make-believe monsters but on the frightening real risks our clients faced during the year. Thirteen of our bloggers submitted what they thought were … Continue reading →

The Dichotomy of Drones

drone sunset

The risks posed by the emergence of drone technology are finding their way onto the reinsurance agenda, particularly for the aviation and casualty markets. However, drone use is also fast emerging as key to driving disaster response and mitigation. Continue reading →

The Construction Site of the Future Will Look Very Different–And So Will its Risks

city of future

In an industry that has historically not been known for its technological innovation, construction appears to be making up for lost time. The benefits of these advancements are potentially staggering. Continue reading →

TOP 15: conheça os riscos em potencial para 2015

storm light house

A Willis selecionou os riscos que virão à tona em 2015 e que ganharão destaque no mercado de seguros global. Nosso top 15 inclui riscos cibernéticos, a volatilidade do preço do petróleo, as novas exigências do mercado de trabalho, o … Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2015?

storm light house

Our list of emerging risks for 2015 covers the kind of perils that keep risk managers up at night: cyber risk, oil price volatility, the changing demands of today’s workforce, the over-confidence corporations have in the ability of their entity … Continue reading →