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Small business insurance offers fertile ground for InsurTech

As InsurTech continues to scythe a modernizing path through the insurance industry and disrupt traditional value chains, the $100 billion small business insurance sector is shaping up as one of the most promising for investment. Rarely out of the specialist … Continue reading →

The frontier of innovation in insurance

Is it really happening? Let’s start with the word insurtech. It’s a mashup of insurance and technology and yes, it is happening right now. On the technology side we are seeing trends that have been coming for a while, including … Continue reading →

Pour les assureurs, #blockchain est la nouvelle tendance

Il y a six mois, j’ai utilisé le mot « blockchain » lors d’une réunion et la moitié des personnes présentes dans la salle ont promptement sorti leur carnet pour écrire ce mot suivi de plusieurs points d’interrogation. Aujourd’hui, il ne se … Continue reading →