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Collateral Damage to Reputation: The Fight Back Continues


I’ve blogged before about the risk of collateral damage to reputation for individuals caught up in regulatory enforcement activity involving their employers. Now a new and successful challenge has been made by a manager of a major investment bank against … Continue reading →

Capital Modelling in Solvency II – Where Did it All go Wrong?


At a recent scientific seminar I was asked to talk about Insurance and Reinsurance In the Modelled World. I argued the case for capital modelling was clear-cut, and that in five years’ time every insurer of any size will likely … Continue reading →

Scenarios, Financial Networks and Systemically Important Financial Institutions


I recently returned from attending a conference on the indices of riskiness, which was jointly organized by CEAR from GSU, RiskLab at ETH and the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. Clearly, a shift away from the … Continue reading →

What Does the Chinese Year of the Snake Hold for the Reinsurance Industry?

Snake Eye - Year of the Snake

According to unimpeachable sources (i.e Wikipedia – the lazy researcher’s friend) people born under the sign of the snake are intelligent but have a tendency to be somewhat unscrupulous. So, not cut out for a career in reinsurance then? I’ll … Continue reading →

The UK’s New Regulatory Regime

London Skyline (evening)

Delegates at a recent FINEX Global Breakfast Briefing heard directly from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) about the new regulatory landscape, which will focus on stress testing and dynamic risk management. Continue reading →

Fees for Intervention…Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

Health & Safety Protocols

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK are due this week to introduce a fee for the “intervention cost recovery scheme”, known as Fee for Intervention (FFI). Under the auspice of the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012, the … Continue reading →

Five Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board

Boardroom Table

As fellow WillisWire blogger Richard Magrann-Wells spelt out recently, it is an anxious time for boardroom directors—especially in the financial services sector. The scandal surrounding alleged manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) could lead to billions of dollars … Continue reading →

Video: Transitions, Delays and Uneven Fields of Solvency II

I recently sat down with Sarah Robson from the Willis Communications team to talk about the conflicts life insurers face as they prepare for Solvency II, why implementation is not a level playing field across Europe, and why I’m not … Continue reading →

5 Financial Stories You May Have Missed – And a White Hot Development

1. Is SEC “Breaking the Buck” and the Money Markets? Money markets funds are funny animals. They are mutual funds, but unlike most funds they are extremely short term and invest in US Treasury bills and commercial paper.  But what makes … Continue reading →

D&O Insurance: Mind the Gap

To what extent is there a gap between the actual or perceived risk factors affecting directors of large companies in the current economic climate and the insurance designed to protect against these risks? That was the question which lay behind … Continue reading →