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In Pension Benefits, What Can an Employee “Reasonably Expect” From His Employer?

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The surprise answer to this question from the High Court: Perhaps more than the employer wants to offer. Anyway this was the question with which the English High Court recently had to grapple in a mammoth and no-doubt extremely expensive … Continue reading →

Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the UK: Should Directors Worry?

Maginot Line

Should directors worry about deferred prosecution agreements, or are DPAs just another instance of facing the right enemy but in the wrong direction? Continue reading →

Sex, Greed and Fear on Remuneration Committees

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I went to an interesting debate on executive pay recently at the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Forum.  One of the speakers expressed the view that remuneration committees in public companies are no different from any other group of humans interacting … Continue reading →

Insurers’ Consent to Settlement: The Perils of Acting As A “Prudent Uninsured”

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It is often said that English law is more favourable to insurers than the laws of many other countries in the developed world.  The context for this tends to be the general duty imposed under the Marine Insurance Act 1906 … Continue reading →

In Alternative Dispute Resolution, Is Silence Really Golden?

silence is golden

Is silence really golden? Not as far as the UK Court of Appeal is concerned. In the context of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), one needs to shout from the rooftops that not only will you consider mediation, but you’ll actively engage in the process. Continue reading →

How to Link Business Failures to Management Failings: Have Regulators and Claimants Found the Holy Grail?

Accusing Management

Whether you are a claimant seeking to recover damages or a regulator seeking to exact punishment, your legal advisers are likely to tell you fairly early on in the recovery process that, unless you can demonstrate, as a minimum, “failures … Continue reading →

“Plebgate,” Compliance, and Tough Sanctions in the UK

British Deadline

When I saw Andrew Mitchell MP riding his bike along Downing Street, I  never imagined that the outcome would have been a case in the Court of Appeal,  but this is exactly what happened when Andrew Mitchell MP made a … Continue reading →

Watch Out: The Aussie Plaintiff’s Bar is Joining the Party

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Any company can in theory apply now to launch its own law firm--another indication of changes in the litigation landscape here, which are more conducive to large scale and complex litigation involving large companies and their professional advisers. Continue reading →

Fostering Transparency & Trust?

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In July 2013 the UK government published a discussion paper entitled Transparency & Trust: enhancing the transparency of UK company ownership and increasing trust in UK business. The paper contains some far-reaching proposals which, if implemented, would have some profound … Continue reading →

Claims Portal Registration: Searching for the Answer

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At the end of July 2013 the UK Government is extending the existing electronic Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims portal in England and Wales to include employers’ liability (EL) and public liability (PL) claims valued up to £25,000. Continue reading →