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A Lot on Their Plate: Food and Beverage Industry Faces Reputational Risk

Meat shopping

I had the chance to catch up recently with Greg Benefield, Food & Beverage Leader for Willis North America, and he did not hesitate when I asked about the risks facing this broad industry sector: the number-one risk management issue … Continue reading →

Checkup Time for Health Care Professionals

viewing brain scans

Change in U.S. health care often seems to be moving at the pace of an ambulance with its lights and sirens on. Fast. We hear a lot these days about the changes that health insurance buyers are facing with Obamacare, … Continue reading →

The Real Estate Deal – on Risks in 2014

Steve Sachs video

If there’s one risk exposure real estate companies should be thinking about today, it’s cyber risk – because that’s the risk they’re most likely to be ignoring. Four or five years ago, real estate clients didn’t face much cyber exposure. … Continue reading →

Beyond Heartbleed: Lessons in Cyber Risk

Tom Srail heartbleed video

New OpenSSL bugs were discovered this week: One that’s separate from the Heartbleed bug  and can leave Android devices vulnerable. The other, a new way to exploit the Heartbleed bug. Continue reading →

Business Risk #1?


Companies often say that their number one asset, their key differentiator, their most valuable resource is their people. It’s not just marketing talk. Companies spend anywhere from 40% to 75% of their operating budget on employees. If human capital is … Continue reading →

Video: Spotlight on UK Reinsurance

Spotlight: Roy Rogers

In this interview Roy Rogers, head of UK reinsurance at Willis Re, tells me that the dynamics of the UK reinsurance market differ depending on whether you’re looking at it from the perspective of the client or the market. Continue reading →

Video: Reinsurance Trends in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa

Spotlight: Maurice Williams

In this interview Maurice Williams, who is Managing Director of Willis Re for Asia Pacific, Middle East, Turkey and Africa (APMETA), outlines the dynamics driving the reinsurance markets in those regions. Continue reading →

Video: Focus on France & Southern European Reinsurance Buying


In this interview I speak with Alkis Tsimaratos, Regional Director for France and southern Europe at Willis Re, who says that the market dynamics in these regions follow those of Europe more generally. Continue reading →

Video: RIMS Day Three, With Willis North America CEO Todd Jones

RIMS: Todd Jones interview

Summing up the thousands of conversations at RIMS 2014, Todd Jones, CEO of Willis North America, returned to the word “resilience.” As every conference attendee was reminded by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the southern U.S. this week, the … Continue reading →

Video: RIMS Day Two, With Deputy CEO Steve Hearn

RIMS: Steve Hearn interview

One of the effects of economic globalization is the extension of the supply chain on a global scale for businesses of all kinds—including those that may not see themselves as global companies at all. Continue reading →