For Serious Collectors, Super Bowl Excitement–and Risk–Last All Year

For Serious Collectors, Super Bowl Excitement–and Risk–Last All Year

OK sports fans. The Super Bowl is Sunday, and along with all the hype about the teams, the stats, the odds, and the rematch from four years ago, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see or hear about the crazy fan or fans who paint themselves blue and silver, tailgate the entire week before the game, and drive a car with hundreds of Giants or Patriots flags dangling from every opening.

Stadium full of fans

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There is, however, a more serious side to the “crazy” fan craze and that is for people who collect sports memorabilia, and spend considerable amounts of time and money searching for a mint-condition picture autographed by Vince Lombardi or the complete set of every Super Bowl ticket stub. Like any type of collection, value can vary, but for the serious collector of items such as vintage jerseys, autographs of superstars, game day footballs, or historic game programs, these collections can be worth tens of thousands of dollars with some well known collections being worth millions.

If you are one of these collectors, make sure you are protecting these treasures through proper storage and display. Get advice from a reputable sports memorabilia expert in the field for care and restoration of items. Keep an inventory of your collection with pictures, descriptions and sales receipts saving a duplicate copy in a separate location.

Most importantly, make sure that in the event of the unthinkable such as a fire or theft your insurance program has these items properly covered. Many home insurance policies are limited in what they provide for valuable items, so be sure your policy is properly set up to adequately protect the collection in an event of a loss.


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