Employers Now Care if Their Employees are Using Their Gym Memberships

Weights and Measuring Tape

Many adults, at some point in their life, sign a gym contract to get in better shape. But as the membership fee subtracts from a bank account, a lack of commitment keeps pounds from subtracting from the waistline. Employers today know the lack of commitment to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just affect employees’ wallets; it is now clearly affecting the organization’s bottom line as well.

HR Focus newsletter (May 2012)

Read more in our HR Focus newsletter (May 2012)

By every measure, employer health care costs are on the rise and pose a significant threat to the overall business competitiveness. Health care costs are growing for several reasons, some of which are manageable and some of which are not. Despite the reasons, there are many ways for employers to mitigate increasing health care costs. Through the integration of health management practices such as value-based benefit design, health and safety policies, and population-specific programs to promote prevention and risk reduction, organizations can be proactive in addressing the health and productivity of their workforce.

Begin Decreasing Employer Health Care Cost

To begin reversing this trend, it is critical to assess the current health of your employee population. Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) remain an effective tool for establishing a baseline of your employees’ health and help employees become more familiar with their key health metrics and lifestyle choices.

We find our clients get the most out of an HRA when they communicate the personal and organizational goals of the HRA, stress the confidential nature of the process (employers will not know the individual results), and maximize opportunities for follow-up and support of lifestyle changes.

Get more familiar with HRAs in our May edition of HR Focus.


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