Our Scariest Natural Catastrophe – Unexpected Perfect Storms

Scariest Risks

Our Scariest Risks

The scariest risks are the ones that sneak up on people and catch them unprepared.

The official weather forecast for the Northeastern U.S. on September 21, 1938, was for cloudy skies and gusty winds. The Category 3 hurricane that struck Long Island that day came as a terrible shock that cost hundreds of lives and the equivalent of billions of dollars at today’s values.

With modern technology—weather satellites, Doppler radar, and platforms such as SpatialKey that give access to information in real time—we can be better informed about such fearsome events as this week’s “Frankenstorm” Sandy and better prepare for their effects.

This post was part of the special feature about Our Scariest Risks, published October 29, 2012. The feature also included these other risks:

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