Emerging Security Risk of 2013: Death by Cyber

Emerging Risks

The legitimate potential for cyber-attack upon the United States’—or upon any country’s—infrastructure, and businesses will continue to be a major risk in 2013 and well beyond.

Emerging Risks 2013
This post was part of What Risks Will Emerge in 2013?, published January 23, 2013. The special feature also covered emerging risks in these fields:

The impact of significant liabilities and losses associated with a cyber-attack could have devastating corporate consequences.

The possibility of new governmental regulations via cyber-security legislation and the dire warnings of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta of a cyber-Pearl Harbor will clearly place additional protection responsibilities squarely upon the shoulders of both our country’s leaders and business leaders. We have already seen the loss of customer confidence as well as the financial and reputational damage created by these attacks upon major companies and government agencies.

Prepare yourself for the virtual risks of 2013, cyber-attack has become the new wild west of today and tomorrow.

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