Video: Taking the Offensive Against Defensive Medicine

Paul Greve Interviewed by Colleen McCarthy at RIMS 2013

In a WillisTV interview from the floor of RIMS, I spoke to Colleen McCarthy about the progress many of us hope to see in addressing the problem of defensive medicine—and about the issues created by some of the solutions arising in the health care arena these days. Nothing easy in the health care sector.

Evidence-based medicine, with its standardized protocols, could be the best treatment for defensive medicine, but the risk there is that the standards don’t take into account the crucial, often intuitive factor of physician judgment.

The answer for that? Proper documentation would help, through a system that captures the physician’s thought process. The trouble with this solution is that the electronic medical record, which is where medical documentation is headed, may not be ready to accomplish this important task, what with its check-the-box tendency.

I suppose in the medical world, we all should be used to complications.

For a little more color, have a look at the video.

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