Video: Taking Placement to New Places

Janet Pane interview about placement

Risk management is a lot more than insurance placement – you hear that all the time in our world, and it’s truer every day.  But placement is still huge, and I was glad for the chance to catch up recently with Janet Pane, Managing Director of Global Placement for Willis, about placement trends and what buyers should be expecting from their brokers.

As hundred-year events seem to show up every other year these days, corporate boards and treasury departments are looking hard at risk management, leaving risk managers to defend their risk transfer decisions. The best evidence in that court will be data, data that describes the risks, the insurance marketplace and industry-specific benchmarks for coverage.

Tools that pull in and report out that data will be invaluable as the drive toward more sophistication in risk management continues. Tools that match carrier appetite to the specific priorities of the buyer will be especially helpful in bringing science to the art of insurance broking.

For more detail, watch this video of our conversation.

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