Super Ad, Super Risk

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It’s the biggest TV audience in the world. Billions of people sitting down at the same time to watch the same program all over the world, and whether your team is in it or not, you want to watch the glitz, the glamour, the half-time show and, for many people, the commercials.

The Highest of High-Profile Commercials

So your company has taken a half-time spot. It’s paid a huge amount of money for a 60-second prime-time TV audience. Your marketing department has been planning the commercial for months, even before the season began. The ad needs to be “in the can” weeks before it appears on TV, and you’ve chosen a concept, signed a famous face to front your campaign, and set the schedule. You’ve lined up newspaper ads, social media activity, press conferences—and committed your commercial to play for the next couple of weeks across all the networks during prime time.

Millions of dollars exposed and your brand reputation is at stake. It’s the biggest moment in your marketing campaign this year and the best chance to build sales and profits for your company.

When the Shoot Goes Wrong

But what happens if it all goes wrong at the shoot. What if your celebrity is no longer the loved household name they were yesterday. Fame is, after all, a fickle mistress. What do you do?

  • Do you pull the ad and try to make another in time?
  • Can you find another celebrity who works as well with your target audience no matter what it costs?
  • Do you just go with it and hope that it will all be OK when it airs?
  • Do you cancel everything and take the losses on the chin?

That’s the risk you face with a multi-million dollar ad campaign.

How Insurance Can Help

Media production insurance can help to mitigate these risks if something does go wrong, covering the expenses of things going wrong on the shoot:

  • the need to replace a celebrity at short notice
  • having to re-shoot the ad because things have changed
  • pulling committed advertising spend

So don’t leave it to 4th and 25 without any option but to punt the ball. Work out a play and proper coverage before you kick off any major ad campaign—if you pardon the pun!


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