Top 10 Financial Institution Court Award & Settlements of 2013

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Last week I sat down with fellow blogger Ann Longmore to discuss the “top cases” of 2013. Actually we focused on the most influential court awards and settlements specifically affecting financial institutions.

Ann gives her pithy insights on what made these awards and settlements important and why their impact is likely to be felt far beyond the parties directly involved. These were not necessarily the cases that involved the biggest dollar amounts, but the ones that represent potential landmines and may impact a wide range of financial service firms.

The first case discussed involves the SEC’s insistence on getting an admission of guilt–a case that may change the very nature of the mutual fund industry.

Another interesting matter is a major racial discrimination case that will likely set important precedent for establishing employee guidelines and included the largest cash award ever in a racial discrimination employment case.

In addition we have rogue traders, surprising cyber cases and the largest post-trial D&O securities class action ever awarded.

See our conversation in the video at right, or download our alert on the topic: FINEX North America Alert: Top 10 Financial Institution Court Awards and Settlements from 2013.

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