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Recently I spoke with Richard Mackillican, Communications Director for Willis Re, about the Reinsurance Training Programme and how the industry has changed since I joined over 40 years ago.

The Willis Re Academy runs a course called the reinsurance training programme, which is available to clients. I’ve been involved in that course for around a year, so have presented at two of these programmes. I’m also involved in teaching the basic principles of reinsurance and pricing mechanisms to Willis Re associates. I’m very proud that I’m able to do that, and to pass on the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years to the next generation.

Training programmes have definitely changed since I began my career in reinsurance. On my first day I was given a big file to read. Most of it was telexes in abbreviations that I didn’t understand. After about an hour of trying to decipher all  of this I put down the file and asked if there was any work I could do. I was then given some basic things to do, which over the years built up into more complex tasks. I was sent on a training course eventually, but I don’t think that there was the emphasis that there is these days.

I learnt my role on the job, which was acceptable in those days. These days it wouldn’t be, and there’s a structured training programme that each graduate, as they are now normally graduates, is expect to attend.

You can view our entire conversation in this video. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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