Human Capital: The Hidden Risk to Your Business

disengaged employees

If given the chance, most of your employees would walk out the door at the first opportunity.

Now more than ever, employees are disengaged at work. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, easily three quarters of employees are not fully engaged. This is why effectively managing human capital has never been more important.


I will be presenting at two RIMS sessions Tuesday, April 29. Come see me there, or stop by the Willis Hub to discuss your human resource questions.

When companies are evaluating their overall risk, human capital is surfacing as the number-one issue. High-performing organizations are learning to manage their risk related to talent through more targeted strategies. This can be accomplished by:

  • Ensuring your total rewards strategy is aligned with your business goals
  • Using competency models to drive business results
  • Developing strategies to identify, engage and reward high performing/high potential employees

This starts at that top, and cascades down through all programs, policies and initiatives the organization offers to create a line of sight for employees and a company’s performance.

I’ll be speaking on this topic at RIMS next month – an important session designed to combine key concepts and tools you can use to effectively drive business performance. We will address the basics of conducting a human capital risk assessment and discuss five specific strategies to manage human capital risk. I hope to see you there.

Jennifer Barton Guest blogger Jennifer Barton is Chief Operating Officer for Willis’ Human Capital Practice, overseeing all aspects of North American Human Capital Practice field operations. In her 10 years with Willis, she has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, financial services, retail, construction and professional services.

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Jennifer Barton is Chief Operating Officer for Willis’ Human Capital Practice, overseeing all aspects of North Am…
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