Video: RIMS Day Three, With Willis North America CEO Todd Jones

RIMS: Todd Jones interview

Summing up the thousands of conversations at RIMS 2014, Todd Jones, CEO of Willis North America, returned to the word “resilience.” As every conference attendee was reminded by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the southern U.S. this week, the unpredictable perils of the world remain our central challenge, he said in a WillisTV interview from Denver.

Each organization faces its own basket of risks, Jones explained, and all organizations also confront the completely unexpected – a disappearing commercial aircraft, for example, or a cyber bug that affects a significant portion of the internet.

Jones also noted that RIMS is no longer a North America event. Even if most of the attendees did not need a passport to get here, the scope of discussions is clearly and irreversibly global, both in geographic terms and in the sense of risk management as a holistic undertaking that gets to the heart of what makes companies thrive in a risky world.

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