Video: RIMS Day Two, With Deputy CEO Steve Hearn

RIMS: Steve Hearn interview

One of the effects of economic globalization is the extension of the supply chain on a global scale for businesses of all kinds—including those that may not see themselves as global companies at all.

Global supply chain risk is one of the key themes at RIMS in Denver this year, according to Willis Deputy CEO Steve Hearn. In a WillisTV interview from the Willis Hub at RIMS, he spoke of the exposure to perils across the world, from natural catastrophes to political risks, that companies face today because of the inevitable globalization of supply chains.

He explained that the analytic models that can map these expanding exposures are a powerful and increasingly necessary tool for risk managers looking to portray these complex risks to their C-suite colleagues.

That puts modeling and analytics closer to the heart of the risk manager’s world—and makes it hot topic on the convention floor in Denver.

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