Our Scariest Avatiation Risk – Air Travel Crippled by Terror and Disease

Scariest risks 2014

At this scary time of year we celebrate our fear of things that the vast majority perceive as “far-fetched”. It is perhaps the fear of the unknown that is most worrying.

The global terror threat has decided that the high profile of the aviation industry makes it a target that can be struck at any time, as evidenced by flight MH17.

The growing threat from Ebola is restricting air travel and calling for increased checks. There is recognition that aviation will potentially be a catalyst for the spread of the deadly virus.

Finally as the search for the missing flight MH370 continues we continue to be reminded that a fear of the unknown that can result from day-to-day activities.

Suddenly a witch and her cat flying on a broomstick almost gives you a feeling of comfort!

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