Our Scariest Brazilian Risk – Election Hacking

Scariest risks 2014

Technological evolution sometimes ends up looking like a futuristic movie, but this could be more present-tense than we realize. In this evolution, we must always have on our radar the constant hacker attacks and their continuous improvement.

This year, the target was October’s Brazilian elections. To contextualize, in 1996 the Superior Electoral Court-TSE (organ responsible for elections in Brazil) implemented an electronic voting system. Today the system operates in 100% of the Brazilian territory and has been proven quite effective.

However, as reported, in the weeks leading to this year’s elections, the Electoral Court computers suffered hacker attacks. There were about 200,000 attempts per second, all from other countries. Fortunately, the hackers were unable to break the TSE system.

The threats of hackers break boundaries, and geographical distances today are no longer obstacles. 2013 saw an increase of 62% of violations over the previous year, which marked the year as the Year of Mega Breach.

In addition, each of the eight major data breaches that occurred in 2013 resulted in a loss of tens of millions of data records. The alternative is to be protected, not only in systems upgrading and improvement, but also in corporate assets and possible damage that companies can suffer.

Hacker attacks are not exclusive of government agencies; in Brazil the biggest targets are our financial institutions, e-commerce clients, etc. The speed with which they act and the impacts they can cause companies, businesses and their clients in risk situations is a scary scenario.


This post was written by Guest Blogger Alvaro Igrejas

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