Our Scariest Cyber Risk – Cyber Worries in the Boardroom

Scariest risks 2014

Perhaps the scariest call of the year didn’t come from outside hackers threatening an attack, law enforcement informing you of your breach, or even the credit card firms implicating you in a massive theft of data.


No, not a gruesome creature hiding under the stairwell, but from your own directors in the board room.

2014 saw technology failures and cyber risks become a Top 3 boardroom issue in most organizations. Not only does the board want to review the defenses, mitigation plans, and auditing that has been completed, they also asked about insurance coverage.

Do we purchase technology E&O or cyber insurance?

Do we require our IT and HR vendors to do so as well?

Why did we make the decisions we made?

What evaluations and analytics were employed?

Scary questions, if you don’t have the answers!

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