Martin Wheatley Interview: The Future of Regulation

Martin Wheatley interview

Willis and the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) welcomed Martin Wheatley, CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority to a full house in the Willis Auditorium in London for a discussion on Thursday November 20th.

Steve Hearn, Deputy CEO of Willis Group welcomed Martin Wheatley to Willis, emphasising the importance of maintaining the London Market as the industry’s dominant international specialty (re)insurance hub, referring to the recent report London Matters, commissioned by the London Market Group (LMG).

City leadership expert Christopher Jones-Warner of the CISI took Martin Wheatley through his paces in their second live webcast together in 18 months – the first came the week before the FCA sprang into action, in March 2013; a year-and-a-half on, the audience was keen to understand how things had changed, the current challenges facing the financial services industry and what 2015 holds for UK regulation and the industry.

We were delighted to welcome Martin Wheatley to Willis. He spoke about a range of issues, from the financial crisis to how the FCA fulfills its statutory objective, speaking directly and openly about fines and the future.  It is absolutely vital that the financial community engages closely with all regulatory bodies; by further strengthening this relationship, the financial community can ensure it responds positively to the pressures which are shaping the financial landscape.

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