Does your HR portal create a zen place for your employees?

The saying goes, “there is place for everything and everything in its place.”  I often think of this when I work with organizations on arranging their HR content.  In my last blog post, “Implementing an HR portal? Get your house in order,” I talked about cleaning house – making sure you have right contents and purging anything that’s outdated or unused.  Once you’ve gotten rid of clutter and have all the items you need, it’s time to arrange them in the right way.  Enter feng shui.

Feng shui is the ancient art of arranging your surroundings to create harmony and balance.  Wouldn’t it be great to create that sense of harmony and balance amongst all of the content in your HR portal?  The good news is, you can!  Here’s how.

Establish governance

Your governance committee is critical to the ongoing success of your HR portal

Every HR portal needs some champions.  These people watch over your house, keep it tidy, and they make sure as you add new furnishings, they are put in their appropriate place and don’t disrupt the balance.  Your governance committee is critical to the ongoing success of your HR portal.

Monitor usage patterns

If the people in your house are always searching for the remote control, store it somewhere that makes it easy for them to find it.  As you’re looking at the usage patterns in your HR portal, if employees are consistently searching for information on PTO, put that in a spot that’s easier for them to quickly access and view that information.

Enhance the user experience

Everyone has their personal space in their house – set up to match regular habits and patterns.  HR portal software allows you to personalize the user experience by showing each employee the information relevant to them.

In feng shui, CHI is the term for the universal energy, or the energy that permeates everything around us. This term applies to the energy inside your body, as well the energy inside and outside of buildings. You want your HR portal to have the same positive energy or experience for your employees. By following these concepts of establishing governance, monitoring usage patterns and enhancing the user experience you’ll provide an engaging experience for your employees who will see the HR portal as a place for “everything HR.”

After you’ve ensured you have all the right things in your HR portal, presenting them in an organized, thoughtful way is just as important.  With the right content and a little feng shui, HR can create a space that’s….well….zen.

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