Does your HR portal provide your employees with a 5-star experience?

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When you travel, you want an enjoyable experience where you stay. And when you find a place you like (or don’t), it’s not uncommon to tell people about it on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

When you think about it, the experiences we have when we travel aren’t much different from those we have come to expect at work. After all, we spend a vast majority of our time at work. It makes sense we want experiences that are meaningful, positive and engaging when we’re there.

So, how can you deliver an engaging employee experience that’s worthy of a five-star rating? One of the simplest ways is to design your HR portal with your employees in mind, and include information that meets their needs, along with a few extras.

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Here are three ideas to consider:

1. The property. When you arrive at a five -star hotel, you notice certain things right away — upscale furniture in the lobby, fancy artwork and fresh flowers, as well as extras that give the hotel that “wow factor,” such as a modern gym, luxurious spa, multiple pools or restaurants operated by top chefs.

How do your employees view your HR portal? Do you have a well-designed homepage? Is it branded to look and feel like your company, so your employees recognize it and feel comfortable with it? Does it have all of the latest features and integrations that give it that wow factor from an employee experience perspective? Do you have an ongoing and evolving content management strategy, so your web property doesn’t start to feel stale for repeat visitors?

2. The service. While the look and feel of the property is vital, it’s equally important for the service to be exceptional. The staff should address you by name, remember if you are a frequent guest, get you checked in quickly and on to your ultimate destination, anticipate your needs and be ready to respond to your requests at any time.

The same concepts apply to your HR portal. Accessing your portal should be easy. And it should be personalized to each employee and include information that’s most relevant to them.
Pulling in employee-specific data (i.e. showing retirement balances or available vacation time, for example) boosts the odds of engagement by appealing to the individual’s needs, interests and other preferences. Targeting communications, such as open enrollment reminders or available Total Rewards, based on what’s most relevant to each employee’s unique situation, gives them the attention they deserve. Providing clear calls to action in your communications gets your employees to their ultimate destination quickly and shows that you care.

3. The amenities. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. At a 5-star hotel, complimentary newspapers, welcome gifts, 24-hour room service, turndown service at night, concierge service, valet parking and great snacks in the room all add up to make a big impact.

For an HR portal, the ability to anticipate what’s most important to each employee and drive behavior change through a combination of expertly personalized communications and technology are similar to amenities. Does your portal offer engaging and compelling communication, including videos or interactive components that make your employees feel you understand their unique needs?

An HR portal that brings these three components together to create an exceptional employee experience is sure to earn five stars. The challenge is finding the right blend of software (the property), data (the service) and advice (the amenities) to bring that extraordinary portal experience to life for your employees.

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