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Willis Towers Watson Wire – Global Insight on Risk

This blog is the home of Willis Towers Watson’s intellectual capital — the hub for the knowledge and expertise of more than 39,000 Willis Towers Watson colleagues in nearly 120 countries.

With decades of sector-specific experience, our on-the-ground expert bloggers are wired into the risks affecting the full spectrum of industries from energy, marine, aviation and construction, to reinsurance and financial services.

Changing World Requires Real-Time Intelligence

The world of commercial risk has changed. Globalization has fueled an explosion of new and emerging threats, from reputational and supply chain risks to cyber security, pandemics, terrorism and climate change. Internally, companies are grappling with the cost and availability of credit, regulation and compliance and market capitalization risk.

In order to survive in such a volatile world, companies need access to real-time information and insight into all the risks facing their business. Willis Towers Watson Wire facilitates a global dialog between readers and some of the brightest minds in Willis Towers Watson, who will provide short, timely posts on the insurance implications of natural and man-made disasters and the latest issues, trends and news impacting business around the world.

Get the Information You Want, When You Want It

Willis Towers Watson Wire rapidly delivers our global insights through:

  • Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds that let readers subscribe to receive updates on any industry as soon as they’re posted.
  • Multimedia communications including video and audio clips.
  • Full integration with social media, allowing easy knowledge sharing.
  • Key word tagging that lets you quickly search for topics of interest.

Wired into Commercial Sustainability

A new world of risk requires a new approach to insurance which we at Willis Towers Watson call “Commercial Sustainability.” It’s based on two ideas:

  1. Insurance sits at the center of a company’s security and survival. It’s not just about coverage and claims.
  2. The only right way to look at a company is holistically – as something embedded in a community with stakeholders of every kind.

Sustainability is an envelope within which the safety of the company is secured. It’s achieved by anticipating and managing risks to which it’s exposed. Willis Towers Watson Wire allows companies to tap into the latest expert insights on risk to help inform their risk management decisions.