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Anthony Wagar

Anthony is a Executive Vice President and the National Sales Leader for Willis Towers Watson's Environmental practice based in New York. He has close to 20 years of experience from a regulatory, underwriting and brokerage perspective. He blogs on matters relating to environmental risk, exposures and insurance.

Vapor Intrusion – Don’t Let This Risk Slip Through The Cracks


In our Halloween special feature last week, I wrote that the scariest environmental liability risk was long-dead environmental liability cases coming back to life. Today I thought I’d tell you about the environmental liability making this risk a very real … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Environmental Liability Risk – Undead Cases: Closed Cases Coming Back to Life

Scariest Risks

What environmental risk can be worse than an “unknown” pollution condition rearing its ugly head? How about one that comes back to life after you thought it was dead forever? Continue reading →

The Rebirth of Mold Claims?

Landlords, co-ops, and condo boards should be concerned about court ruling on health link to mold exposure. Continue reading →

As Green Goes Global, So Do Your Environmental Liability Exposures

From Earth Day and the formation of the EPA in the United States in 1970, to Kyoto and Copenhagen 40 years later, environmentally protective laws are increasingly a global phenomenon. Continue reading →

Power Lines: More Than Just an Eye Sore?

With third-party lawsuits over “pollutants” on the rise, real estate owners look to the insurance industry to help address the risk of electro magnetic fields Continue reading →

Emerging Environmental Liability Risk of 2012

As per Robin Somerville’s blog above, hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s more commonly referred to, is quickly emerging as one of the more significant risks facing not only the Energy market but the Environmental insurance industry too. Continue reading →

Scariest Environmental Liability Risk: The Unknown

It’s not the environmental issues that are “known” that keep us up at night…it’s the ones we don’t know about that scare us most. Continue reading →

5 Reasons to Explore the Environmental Insurance Marketplace

We’ve all heard a lot in the news lately about some rather large and very damaging environmental catastrophes: the nuclear contamination that followed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the release of toxic sludge at a metal refinery in Hungary, … Continue reading →